Madonna Celebrates 62nd Birthday With A Plate Full Of Weed

Madonna has made a career out of shocking people with photos. From her early Penthouse photoshoot to her book Sex in the ’90s, the photos usually involve the Material Girl leaving nothing to the imagination. Now that she’s in her sixties, it seems she’s mellowing out with the help of a little Jamaican ganja.

You Only Turn 62 Once! 

Madonna turned 62 years old on August 16th and she celebrated in style, posting a photo looking radiant as she held up a full plate of green in Jamaica. Long before marijuana was legalized in Colorado and California (among a number of other states), Jamaica was a top destination for stoners worldwide. Drawn by the warm beaches and the mythology put out by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and other reggae legends about the mystical and spiritual properties of ganja, weed tourism has always been a big part of American and European travelers’ plans.


Madonna And Her Rumored Boyfriend Are Having A Lot Of Fun

Joined by the man many believe is her boyfriend, dancer Ahlamalik Williams, the “Vogue” singer appears to be having quite the celebration on the Caribbean island. Not only did she post the photo with a full serving of grass, but also a video of her sipping a blue drink filled with all kinds of tropical ingredients, no doubt. It’s enough to make anyone jealous.


It’s A Family Affair

While Gossip Cop still can’t confirm if Williams is the Desperately Seeking Susan actress’s boyfriend for sure — she’s stayed pretty mum on the subject — it’s easy to confirm she’s been joined on the vacation with her two youngest kids, twins Estere and Stella, both of whom also appear in photos. Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s oldest, is also celebrating with mom, hugging Madonna in a blue dress in another photo, along with another picture looking very responsible and masked up on a bus with a big group of fellow revelers. As for those rumors about Madonna and Williams, well, they look pretty close in the photos.

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Madonna Is The Subject Of Bizarre Rumors

We bust a lot of weird rumors at Gossip Cop, and Madonna is, of course, subject to some of the most out-there ones, like when we debunked a bizarre story claiming that Madonna challenged Lady Gaga to a boxing match in Las Vegas in 2018. To be completely honest, we’re a little sad that one wasn’t true, but we’re glad we were proven right, as the two have obviously never faced off in the ring. That’s probably for the best, right? Right?

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