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Madden NFL Overdrive won”t replicate the highly detailed experience of the Madden console games on your mobile device, but it tries to find the balance between the demands of mobile gaming and the licensed authenticity of the traditional Madden experience. While it stumbles greatly along the way, there are a few things worth liking about the final game, and it builds off of earlier versions of Madden Mobile in some smart and positive ways. But Electronic Arts has moved deeply into play to win territory here, and it”s hurt the final product in some very important ways.

But despite some of the financially driven decisions made at Electronic Arts, there are some good choices that were made here. This is easily the best looking football game to come to smart phones. And while the results aren”t nearly as photo realistic as those you”d find on your Playstation 4 or XBox One, they”re crisp and smooth, and the characters are distinct enough to actually look like their real life counterparts. That”s a huge deal given that NFL licensing is a big selling point of the Madden franchise in the first place. This is an NFL game through and through, and there”s a feeling of authenticity in everything from the player stats and sense of movement out on the field to the team uniforms and design of the stadiums. A lot of love has gone into making sure that the art assets are built for the sport”s biggest and most passionate fans. The broadcast presentation tone that frames every aspect of the experience conveys a clever sense of brand immersion as well.

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This is also the first game in the series to offer live player vs. player competitions. It”s a bold move away from the asynchronous gameplay of earlier entries in the series, but it generally works well, and there”s a sense of progression to the game that feels more real than competing against computer generated opponents all of the time. But while real time PvP may be the headlining feature of this new version, it”s not the only one. A ton of returning modes help fill out the experience, and they include live events, leagues, and NFL 24/7.

The controls and physics engine aren”t quite as solid, but they generally get the job done. You can”t exercise the same amount of precise control and tactical maneuvers you might find in traditional Madden, but it still feels like football. If there”s an especially egregious issue with Madden NFL Overdrive, it comes in the form of microtransactions. This is a game heavy with virtual currency, and these tokens are a distinct enough issue that they can give players with less skill a significant effort over their more talented competition. In a game where the selling point is finally facing off against your rivals in real time, that”s a tough issue to overcome.


Strong graphics that make great use of the NFL licensingTight controls and a decent variety of modes


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