Legends Of Wrestling Cheats, Codes, And Secrets For Playstation 2

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All wrestlers:At the main menu press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, Y, X.(supplied by: tkblagen)

Unlock: To-Do:
Capt. Lou Albano Beat Career Mode with a Hated wrestler.
Dory Funk Beat Career Mode with Terry Funk
Sabu Beat Career Mode with The Sheik
Ivan Koloff Beat the Versus Tournament
Jimmy Hart Beat Career Mode with a Loved wrestler
King Kong Bundy Beat Career Mode in the Southeast Territory
Mr. Fuji Win the Tag Belts in Tournament Mode
Robert Gibson Beat the Tag Tournament
Ricky Morton Beat the Tag Tournament
Michael Von Erich Beat Career Mode with David Von Erich
Fritz Von Erich Beat Career Mode with Kerry Von Erich
David Von Erich Beat Career Mode with Kevin Von Erich

Extra bodytype option:When you enter the all characters code, go to create a character, go to bodytype, and OBESE (super fat) will be there as a new option.(supplied by: thejudder1234)

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There are 10 codes for this game.(m)PFJA-QYQK-6AP6T0W8A-0HVT-JA4UTOpen All Wrestlers/ArenasUJ3N-08MP-BWEPH2109-BGHU-TBDF9Infinite Health – Player Slot 193ZM-DZYE-8546314W3-PAXT-Y42BQInfinite Health – Player Slot 27C3T-F72T-H8A4KVTWJ-Z8G6-H1EV1Infinite Health – Player Slot 3J5RC-PTEN-WJK9RHEVZ-1GMP-1FQYCInfinite Health – Player Slot 4R0V5-X7AV-DWCDVW4XF-QH6V-T2VYM0 Health – Player Slot 1JCDT-Q6DE-94HCEPUJ7-7ZNR-37UQ60 Health – Player Slot 2922J-J73U-F8PEKX0XC-X3AC-4R5Y70 Health – Player Slot 37J3W-H7HM-E5NEQ5TRE-W688-3M9NM0 Health – Player Slot 4YP0C-66A5-4K27E2R53-B0GK-PKHKG

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There are 10 codes for this game.(m) VJE8-HM3X-UWP9718JQ-J0Z2-BXW4UOpen all wrestlers and arenas CYCZ-NFZB-VHAQR5XHJ-QFDU-VND5MInfinite health for player in slot 1 PYA3-R6TM-UGN01TRH4-Y4JH-F43ARInfinite health for player in slot 2 11UZ-8BEU-4177QGYQQ-EBR0-KJWDYInfinite health for player in slot 3 6QRD-F88H-EQA6VR9MG-7J0Q-488VUInfinite health for player in slot 4 Z39H-RBEH-21RWHQ9T4-NC33-QPU100 health for player in slot 1 C93U-5ZDG-ZR70C99FG-3XHK-GG3TD0 health for player in slot 2 RNAG-PR1U-1ZBEN5B2A-AHXR-D4Q690 health for player in slot 3 51DC-KXQC-DCZFW8XPW-VK7N-A3J170 health for player in slot 4 7FT8-V2NK-1C06T7FNT-C8ME-07PD5 The Genie has more Legends of Wrestling Cheats at CheatingDome.com.Get the best selection of Legends of Wrestling Cheats, Codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ for Gamecube from Cheat Code Central

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