Leah Remini Inviting Katie Holmes On Podcast To Talk Tom Cruise, Scientology?

Is Leah Remini planning to trash Tom Cruise on her new Scientology podcast by interviewing the actor’s ex-wife Katie Holmes? One tabloid reports that’s the case. Gossip Cop investigated this story and came to a different conclusion.

Leah Remini Vs. Tom Cruise

Leah Remini launched a new podcast last month called Scientology: Fair Game, and In Touch believes that the actress will target Tom Cruise and is even trying to interview Katie Holmes about her experiences with the controversial religion. This is a follow up to the King of Queens star’s “explosive docuseries” Scientology and the Aftermath, which also focused on former members’ experience with Scientology. This new podcast, which focuses primarily on the church doctrine known as Fair Game, will also supposedly dedicate some time delving into Cruise’s character.

A source for the tabloid reports that Remini was “inspired” by Thandie Newton, who “recently revealed that she was ‘so scared’ of working” with Cruise during their 2000 film Mission: Impossible 2. The source explains, “Leah knows Tom isn’t a nice guy, and now she’s encouraging others in Hollywood to come forward and tell their stories about him.”

Getting Katie Holmes To Reveal All

One of those other Hollywood people includes Cruise’s third ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Remini supposedly “knows it’s a long shot, but she’s still trying to get Katie Holmes to talk about her experience in the church!” Seeing as how Holmes has remained mum about her marriage, and subsequent divorce, from Cruise for about eight years now, it seems highly unlikely to Gossip Cop that the Dawson’s Creek actress would suddenly open up about it now. The actress also doesn’t talk about Scientology, at least in public. Again, why would that change? The outlet never provides an answer to satisfy our curiosity.

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Since Gossip Cop already had our suspicions about the veracity of this report, we decided to reach out to Holmes’ rep for answers. We were told, on the record, that the claims of this article were blatantly “untrue.” We’ll trust the word of a rep who’s qualified to speak on their client’s behalf rather than some unknown sketchy “source.”

In Touch has a particularly bad history of publishing tales about Tom Cruise that are just straight-up false. Late last year, the outlet claimed that Cruise was leaving Scientology in order to reunite with his daughter Suri whom he’s famously not seen since his divorce from her mother. Cruise is still very much a member of the Church of Scientology, proving Gossip Cop was right to deem the story false. Before that, the outlet insisted that Cruise was going to tell “his side of the story” about his divorce from Holmes. The actor, who is well-known for being tight-lipped about his personal life, obviously has done no such thing. This tabloid is constantly making up stories, it’s no wonder Gossip Cop struggles to trust a single word it writes.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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