Latest Rumors About Julia Roberts Moving To San Francisco

It’s been rumored for some time that Julia Roberts is moving to San Francisco. In February, Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, bought a mansion in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of the city by the bay, but there have been many incorrect reports about the Pretty Woman actress’ motivations for moving to San Francisco. Recently, it was reported that renovations on the $8.3 million Victorian home were completed, which does indicate that the actress and her family will eventually move there. Yet, the why or when this will happen for Roberts and Moder and their children have been highly exaggerated by the tabloids.

Julia Roberts Was Running Away From Danny Moder?

For instance, a few months ago, Woman’s Day alleged Roberts purchased the home in San Francisco to get away from Moder. The outlet’s premise claimed the acquisition “confirmed rumors they’re planning to split officially.” The magazine further asserted the actress and the cinematographer had been “living separate lives” for a while but wanted to keep things “amicable” for the children. Gossip Cop checked with a source close to the situation who confirmed the story wasn’t true.

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Julia Threw Danny Out Of The House?

Not too long after, New Idea alleged Roberts was throwing Moder out of the house. The magazine claimed Roberts was “at her wit’s end” with her cinematographer husband. According to the outlet, the couple was having issues agreeing on where they should reside with Moder being content in Los Angeles. Gossip Cop busted the phony tale when it came out. it’s been months, and the couple is still cohabitating, with no sign of that changing, even if their address does.

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Julia Roberts Was Having Money Woes?

In May, another incorrect report that was pushed by In Touch was that Roberts was leaving Los Angeles because of financial problems. The tabloid purported that the actress and her husband recently sold their properties in Hawaii, New York, and Malibu because of money issued caused by the current coronavirus epidemic. While it was true that the actress sold her properties, it wasn’t recent, nor during the pandemic. If the actress was having financial issues, we doubt Roberts would be able to buy another mansion and spend millions renovating it.


Julia And Danny Couldn’t Agree On Where To Live?

During the summer, OK! alleged Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were once again fighting over where to live. According to the tabloid, though the couple had purchased the mansion in San Fransico, Moder was refusing to leave Los Angeles. The magazine’s insider claimed Moder didn’t want to leave in case of any job opportunities and wasn’t into “the hippie-dippy lifestyle Julia wants to live.” The publication claimed this led to problems arising in the couple’s marriage. However, Gossip Cop has corrected the idea that Roberts and Moder were having issues in their marriage several times already, and it’s not like they would be moving to the moon, getting from San Francisco to Los Angeles isn’t exactly traversing the South Pole.

While it does look like Julia Roberts and her family might be trading spaces soon, it doesn’t mean there are problems in her marriage or her net worth.

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