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A-Team star Bradley Cooper is a movie star and a bachelor, so of course, he’s been connected to just about everyone in Hollywood. His chemistry with Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born sparked a lengthy tabloid saga with no truth to it. There are reports that he’ll reunite with his ex Irina Shayk, but he still remains single. Until Cooper himself says he’s dating someone, Gossip Cop will remain dubious as there are just so many bogus reports. Here is just a sample of tabloid stories about Cooper and other celebrities.

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Jennifer Garner: Best Friend Turned Girlfriend?

Cooper and Garner have been close friends since starring in Alias years ago. The two were photographed together on the beach with Cooper’s daughter and, well, the tabloids lost their mind. In Touch hastily said “They have a connection that neither of them can deny any longer,” and it was now “getting serious.” The trip to the beach, where they built sandcastles with a child, was not a romantic one at all, and a source close to the situation confirmed to Gossip Cop that the two were not dating.

Cooper Stalked Angelina Jolie At Disneyland?

Perhaps New Idea thought of the headline “Brangelina 2.0” and simply had to invent a story to go with it. The tabloid said the two stars were “enjoying each other’s company” without bothering to come up with an origin story. The two happened to go to Disneyland on the same day, which the tabloid spun to say Cooper followed her to the park to get “closer” to her. Creepy. A source close to the Hackers star assured Gossip Cop that this story was “complete nonsense.”

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Adele Thinks He Could Be The One

This same tabloid was at it again when it said the Wet Hot American Summer actor was dating Adele. Her “incredible new weight-loss and extreme makeover” opened the door to love. Lady Gaga was allegedly the bridge between the two, and Cooper could “just be the person Adele is looking for.” Adele says she’s single, though many reputable outlets claim she’s dating rapper Skepta. This pairing with Cooper was just one in a slew of random pairing following Adele’s weight loss.

He’s In Love With Katie Holmes

According to OK!, Katie Holmes’s friends believed she was dating a huge star. A so-called insider said “She won’t say exactly, but her friends keep guessing” which a-lister Holmes could be seeing. The natural conclusion was Cooper, because “he’s single, he’s a devoted dad and he lives in New York.” So many rumors about Holmes’ love life stem from the fact that she lives in New York City with little regard to anything else. Holmes and Cooper are not and have never dated. Holmes’ spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that this story was fabricated. She’s now dating chef Emilio Vitolo.

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