Largest cities without nfl team

Cities That Should Have an NFL Team

The NFL has actually not increased given that 2002, but that could readjust soon.

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The league has actually boomed to a $15 billion annual organization. Even so, the NFL has watched its popularity flatten out and, in some cases, shrink, as climbing cable costs reduces television viewership, the danger of injury by means of concussion diminishes participation and also social justice protests rub fans the wrong method.

How can the league capitalize on the family member prosperity of its product and continue to flourish the sport of football? Expansion.

If and once the NFL increases — to as many as 40 groups — below are the areas it should look.


Country: England

Population: 9,304,000

Bottom Line: London


England’s capital is next in line for an NFL team. The league has played at leastern one game tright here because 2007, and also as many kind of as four in London in each season.

The city currently has a de facto house team in the Jacksonville Jaguars, that have played a "home" game at Wembley Stadium in each of the previous six periods.

Aside from the NFL’s insistence to acquire in tbelow, London is a logical alternative, as well. It is just 5 hrs distinction in terms of time areas, making it simply two hours farther from the East Coast than playing in the Pacific time zone. It additionally has actually a durable population of crazy sporting activities fans and also already ample venues if it wanted to hold a team.

It"s a no-brainer.



Country: Germany

Population: 777,156

Bottom Line: Frankfurt


This might seem choose a surprise addition, offered soccer’s robust popularity in Germany type of, however Amerideserve to footround is renowned in the nation as well, many thanks to the variety of American army stationed in the country.

If London is going to join the NFL, one would certainly think it would certainly require a European rival, and also Frankfurt is less than 500 miles from the English capital.

Plus, Frankfurt has a long-standing footsphere society, which dates ago to the World League of Amerihave the right to Footround in the early on 1990s. Add the fact Frankfurt is simply about 100 miles from Cologne, making the Frankfurt/Cologne industry approximately 2 million people.



Country: Spain

Population: 1,621,537

Bottom Line: Barcelona

Barcelona has actually an NFL pedigree, albeit in NFL Europe, and a trip from New York to the city in eastern Spain is just 45 minutes longer than a trip to London.

On height of that, Barcelona has actually more than 1.6 million human being and also a 99,000-seat stadium in its limits, every one of which the NFL would certainly drool over if footround ever before began to take off in Europe.



Country: Germany

Population: 3,769,495

Bottom Line: Berlin


If tbelow were a division of European teams, Berlin would certainly be a logical fourth team.

Berlin was both a starting and sustaining member of NFL Europe, has actually more than 3.5 million people and stadiums to accommodate footsphere fans.


Country: Canada

Population: 2,731,571

Bottom Line: Toronto


Anvarious other no-brainer, though the Canadian Footround League’s existence renders this one a small more tricky.

Toronto courted the Buffalo Bills in the time of the 2000s decade, but that bid fell apart as soon as the Bills were offered to the Pegulas in 2014. Still, the NFL is the just significant North Amerideserve to sporting activities league without a presence in Canada, or Toronto, more particularly.

Given the city’s dimension and interemainder in the NFL, it’s just a matter of time until it goes north of the border full time.


Country: Canada

Population: 1,704,694

Bottom Line: Montreal


Montactual has Olympic Stadium, which organized Major Organization Baseball"s Expos for years, however likewise can support an NFL franchise in the interim.

The city has 1.7 million civilization, including those that already support the Canadian Football League"s Argonauts. Many type of of those fans still are till stinging from the Expos" leave in 2005 and also feel they deserve one more significant experienced team.

MLB has actually flirted via a return to Montactual, and also the NFL would certainly be wise to sneak in prior to it does.



Country: Canada

Population: 932,546

Bottom Line: Edmonton


If the NFL is moving right into Canada, it would be wise to absorb many type of of the CFL’s many successful programs, and also the Edmonton Eskimos have actually been the class of the league given that its inelaborate.

Edmonton has actually won the second-many Grey Cup championships in league history (14) behind the Toronto Argonauts (17).

It also has the league’s largest stadium capacity (56,400) and has actually a population of simply around 1 million, many type of of whom are intense sports fans already.



Country: Canada

Population: 1,239,220

Bottom Line: Calgary


If the NFL is going to Edmonton, it additionally would have to expand also to its southern provincial rival, too.

Calgary, choose Edmonton, has a North Amerihave the right to sporting activities visibility and has more than 1 million human being.

The Flames have been in the NHL given that 1972 and rank in the top 10 of attendance each year.



Country: Canada

Population: 631,486

Bottom Line: Vancouver


We’d advocate for Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatchewan or any kind of of the various other CFL markets, yet Vancouver actually might entice totally free agents and likewise would certainly have a fun little neighborhood rivalry through the Seattle Seahawks.

Before anyone shoots dvery own Vancouver because of the Grizzlies’ failings in the NBA, the city is flush via money and also is the third-largest metropolita room in Canada via close to 2.5 million human being.

For people who love the physical nature of hocvital, footsphere could resonate more than basketround.



State: California

Population: 425,097

Bottom Line: Oakland


We’ve got to the recently departed industries portion of the story. Oakland also no longer has actually an NFL team, after the Raiders calculated their exit to Las Vegas, leaving Oakland out in the fog.

The Raiders left Oakland also prior to, departing for greener pastures in Los Angeles in 1981, yet this relocate felt various. While the 49ers still are in the region, Santa Clara is not rather San Francisco.

The NFL appears to be vacating the Bay Area. Given the wide range, footsphere passion and pedigree in the region, that feels like sacrilege. The NFL demands to go back to Oakland also.

San Diego

State: California

Population: 1,409,570

Bottom Line: San Diego


The NFL in San Diego has actually gone together choose peanut butter and also jelly, and also even longtime NFL pundits can’t rather square up the truth the Chargers have moved up the road to Inglehardwood, California.

But San Diego belongs in the NFL. It’s among the wealthiest industries in the United States and the eighth-greatest city in the nation.

One also could argue that California currently is underrepresented in the league, with the Raiders" leave from Oakland. So although San Diego"s stadium is old — as was the case with Cleveland also — the city on the Pacific coastline feels prefer a shoo-in to get an NFL team earlier at some suggest.

St. Louis


State: Missouri

Population: 297,733

Bottom Line: St. Louis


St. Louis is a sports-mad tvery own, and they are still bitter around Stan Kroenke’s decision to move the Rams to Los Angeles, which is going on 3 years currently.

The city has actually watched the NFL come and also leave twice in the previous 30 years, though the second leave might not be based upon any kind of absence of fan support.

It’s a proud sporting activities city, one that need to have an NFL team for excellent.

San Antonio


State: Texas

Population: 1,564,490

Bottom Line: San Antonio


If California isn"t underrepresented in terms of NFL groups, Texas is, and San Antonio is an obvious choice of wright here to go next. The city is starving for an additional pro sporting activities team after sustaining just the NBA’s Spurs since they joined the league in 1976.

The NFL has flirted with San Antonio before. The Saints played house games at the Alamodome in 2005, once they were forced to temporarily relocate as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Plus, few realize that San Antonio is the No. 8 sector in the U.S., and also would certainly bring even more than 2.5 million world, including Austin, which is just 75 miles up the road.


State: Texas

Population: 995,347

Bottom Line: Austin


Some would argue that Austin already has actually a expert footround team in the University of Texas.

But through even more than 1 million people, and also a zip code in football-mad state of Texas, the NFL might fit in the state resources.

The city is frequently ranked on the ideal locations to live and also cities of the future lists, and can existing amazing new methods for the NFL to innovate.

El Paso


State: Texas

Population: 683,581

Bottom Line: El Paso

If San Antonio is an unheralded industry, so is the West Texas town of El Paso, which has just a Triple-A basesphere team to its name.

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Thanks to "Friday Night Lights," we understand that West Texas loves high school footsphere, yet the region additionally has actually an appetite for the NFL. There’s not a pro sports team on the I-20 corridor in between Glendale, Arizona, and Dallas, and also El Paso quietly provides up the 22nd greatest industry in the U.S.

In enhancement, Albuquerque, New Mexico, sits less than 300 miles away. That"s even more than 1 million world in between the two.



State: Nebraska

Population: 479,085

Bottom Line: Omaha


Nebraska is footsphere mad, too, and Omaha has watched an tremendous population climb in the previous decade, leaving the Nebraska city via Atlanta and also Kansas City as population peers.

Omaha additionally sits in a veritable pro sporting activities no-man’s land also, fundamentally serving as the entrance to the northwestern wilderness.

Omaha has industry and sponsorship methods, which is crucial to get the NFL’s attention. Maybe the just point standing in its method is a reasonable and also moneymaking stadium.



State: Florida

Population: 288,981

Bottom Line: Orlando


It feels like the NFL is flirting with an expansion to Orlanperform already, because the league began going there for its annual Pro Bowl.

Orlanexecute checks the majority of boxes for the NFL, through a metro area of even more than 2.3 million people, a pro-caliber stadium and also its place in football-mad Florida.

Add in the NFL’s corporate tie via Disney, and the entertainment giant’s insane marketing ability, and you almost need to wonder why these two haven’t matched up yet.



State: Tennesseee

Population: 651,042

Bottom Line: Memphis


It’s surpclimbing that Memphis, Tenn., doesn’t gain consideration for the NFL, offered exactly how few groups there are in the Amerideserve to southeastern, external of Florida.

Memphis is much sufficient from Nashville to be its own sector, but cshed enough to create an in-state rivalry. It is flashy and also interesting enough to put on its very own present, as it does annually while hosting the Liberty Bowl college game.

Plus, Memphis is the 2fifth greatest U.S. market, ideal behind Nashville and ahead of NFL cities choose Las Vegas, Baltimore, Kansas City and Atlanta.

Consider also that a Memphis industry would include components of Arkansas and Mississippi, claims that execute not have pro sports, and also tbelow would certainly be a definite appetite.

Birmingham, Alabama


State: Alabama

Population: 212,297

Bottom Line: Birmingham


Birmingham appears to be productive ground for pro football, yet not quite all set for the NFL. That may adjust if the league decides to expand. Birmingham had actually a World League of Amerihave the right to Footsphere team for 2 years, then was preferred as a flagship sector in the startup Alliance of American Football Organization.

Birmingham is a tiny city, but one via robust footsphere passion — as assistance for both the College of Alabama and also Auburn University prove. If the state rallied roughly an NFL team, Birmingham would certainly be a pretty fun market, and one that can serve as a regional rival to both the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints.



State: Kentucky

Population: 616,718

Bottom Line: Louisville


The Cincinnati Bengals pull many fans from Kentucky, yet Louisville is 100 miles from Cincy and one of the fastest-prospering cities in the United States.

It is worthy of a significant expert team. Louisville has actually even more than 600,000 people in the city, and also even more than 1.2 million in its sector.

The city draws over 150,000 human being to the city for the Kentucky Derby eextremely May. A footround team could attract plenty of interest eexceptionally Sunday.

Portland also, Oregon


State: Oregon

Population: 658,645

Bottom Line: Portland

Like San Antonio, Portland also, Oregon, is an NBA tvery own that has flirted with various other sporting activities for years. It’s reasonable to view why.

Portland also has robust riches, smart and caffeine-sustained sports fans, and it is a city trying to distinguish itself from Seattle.

The MLS has found a method to capitalize on all that, so it provides feeling that the NFL could also.

Oklahoma City


State: Oklahoma

Population: 662,202

Bottom Line: Oklahoma City


The Cowboys could not allow such a maneuver, yet Oklahoma is a football-mad state, and also Oklahoma City already has actually ceded as an admirable home industry for the NBA’s Thunder.

Between OKC and Tulsa, which is just about 100 miles away, you have actually 2 of the top 50 UNITED STATE sectors and even more than a million people.

Imagine the possibilities.


State: New Mexico

Population: 561,397

Bottom Line: Albuquerque


New Mexico is among the fastest-thriving states, yet does not have actually a skilled sports team to its name simply yet.

The NFL would be wise to be first in New Mexico, particularly in Albuquerque, which has even more than 550,000 human being and has actually hosted a college-footsphere bowl game because 2006.

Toss in state capital Santa Fe, which is around 60 miles north, and you have actually a sector of even more than 600,000, or approximately the size of Baltimore.



State: Connecticut

Population: 123,088

Bottom Line: Hartford


Hartford is stuck between New York and also Boston, and currently lost a pro sporting activities franchise via the NHL"s Whalers.

But the Hartford-New Haven sector is consisted of of around 2 million world and also is a top-5 UNITED STATE market in regards to wide range.

Bristol, the headquarters of ESPN, is around 30 minutes away on I-84. It can make for some distinct media methods.



State: Virginia

Population: 231,651

Bottom Line: Richmond


Virginia has long been Washington Footround Team nation, yet their stranglehold might be coming to a cshed.

The better Richmond area has even more than 1.2 million football-mad fans, who Daniel Snyder has turned off in the time of his tenure as Washington owner.

Although Richmond has actually balked at building a new football stadium, it stays to be watched if the Virginia resources would certainly consider doing so for an expansion team that wasn’t owned by the antagonistic Snyder.



State: California

Population: 500,930

Bottom Line: Sacramento


Don’t tell Sacramento it is the Bay Area, since the California resources is 80 miles geographically — and a comprehensive distance culturally — from Oakland also, San Francisco and Silsymbol Valley.

Sacramento correct has actually about 500,000 civilization, however its metro location is the 27th-biggest place in the United States, pulling some 2.4 million people and also growing.

Sacramento has actually supported the NBA’s Kings, also through the Golden State Warriors roughly, and would certainly only need to fill its stadium for eight dates per seachild.

Salt Lake City, Utah


State: Utah

Population: 200,699

Bottom Line: Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake/Provo area is among the richest in the USA, and also they have actually been avid supporters of both BYU and Utah football.

The latter’s success brought about a profile boost to the Pac-12 conference.

The NFL could capitalize on the city"s riches and relative lack of sporting alternatives.

Mexico City


Country: Mexico

Population: 8,918,653

Bottom Line: Mexico City


Like London, the NFL appears to have a fascicountry through Mexico City, and for good reason. Its populace is about 9 million human being, making it bigger than New York’s five boroughs. It is straightforward sufficient for United States take a trip, considering that it sits in the Central time zone, and also is one of the few untapped industries in North America.

Now the altitude — Mexico City is more than 7,000 feet above sea level — is a issue, but it likewise might stand also as a home-field advantage the method Denver has become.

Expect Mexico City to be on the brief list of places the NFL considers following time it increases.

Monterrey, Mexico


Country: Mexico

Population: 1,109,171

Bottom Line: Monterrey


Monterrey might make even more sense than Mexico City, provided its riches and also proximity to the United States. Monterrey is more than 500 miles closer to the U.S. border — it is closer to San Antonio and also Houston than Mexico City — and also is one of Mexico’s wealthiest metropolises.

If Mexico City were to loss with for some reason, Monterrey can stand to join. Or, choose Europe, tbelow can be a Mexihave the right to rivalry afoot.

Honolulu, Hawaii


State: Hawaii

Population: 342,183

Bottom Line: Honolulu

It can be a take a trip nightmare, but the NFL has gone to Hawaii already. The Pro Bowl was played annually in the Hawaii funding every seakid but one from 1979 to 2012. And there are certainly worse locations to live and play footround.

The demographics are in place as well. The island also of Oahu has even more than 950,000 civilization, and also the island has some remarkable riches.

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Would Aloha Stadium need some sprucing up? Absolutely, but the majority of the NFL’s boxes already are checked.

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