Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn Have Been Living Separate Lives & Are Headed For A Split

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have an unconventional relationship. The two have been in a committed relationship since 1983 and have no interest in getting married. Tabloids regularly print stories about the Christmas Chronicles 2 stars drifting apart and lunging toward a full-on breakup. Here’s what Gossip Cop has to say.

Kurt And Goldie Calling It Quits?

Back in 2018, OK! claimed that Russell and Hawn were secretly splitting up. An insider said, “They just got tired of the lies, betrayals, and constant fighting, and made the painful decision to end their relationship.” The tension had simply boiled over, and the jealousy was too much to handle. If this story sounds wicked vague, that’s only because it is. There’s no indication that there’s been any cheating over the last 30 plus years. That very week, Russell spoke to the Daily Mail about the real secrets of their relationship, so this story looked utterly foolish.

Living Separate Lives

According to Star, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn had a real knock-down-drag-out fight where Hawn revealed that she’d fallen out of love. An insider said, “There are whispers that things between them came to a head and Goldie left after their worst fight yet. She said some things she didn’t mean and regretted it later.” The two have enjoyed their independence for too long, and the arrangement was apparently no longer working. Once again, Gossip Cop looked to Russell and Hawn themselves. Russell was gushing about his partner that week to Kelly Ripa and Graham Norton, and Hawn was praising her partner on Instagram. So much for separate lives.

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Russell Dumps Hawn

In 2019, the Globe claimed Russell dumped Hawn during a phone call. A so-called source said, “Goldie really believed she and Kurt would be together for the rest of their lives. She could never imagine something like this coming! It must have been heartbreaking.” Hawn was shopping for an engagement ring that very week, so the bad news destroyed her world. A few months earlier, Hawn and Russell went on a Hawaiian getaway together, so Gossip Cop thought this story sounded fishy. We checked with a source close to the situation, who assured us the couple was still going strong.

Called Off A Wedding

In May 2020, the Globe completely ignored its previous break-up to announce a brand new break-up. Hawn and Russell were canceling their wedding. An insider said, “They’ve been endlessly bickering over anything and everything” since deciding to tie the knot. The source then went too in-depth about the original wedding plans, including The Beach Boys and pizza, which caused so much turmoil. No one other than Hawn or Russell could know this much information. You can’t call off a wedding that was never being planned, and Hawn and Russell are content to stay unwed.

Goldie Hawn Walks Out

According to OK!, Hawn and Russell were struggling in quarantine. A source said, “Goldie and Kurt have been bickering nonstop since lockdown started.” Tensions came to a head when Hawn walked out. A tattler said, “She was so steamed that she stormed off to a separate room and stayed there.” Hawn began planning a girls’ trip, while Russell decided to get some work. While tensions cooled off, the wedding being planned was no longer going to happen. It was pretty odd that this story couldn’t explain why they were fighting in the first place, which would be a pretty important detail. Instead, the outlet chose to stay as vague as possible in critical places. As we’ve pointed out so many times, Hawn and Russell are not interested in getting married. The two looked content as could be on Instagram, so Gossip Cop busted the story.

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Kurt Russell Walks Out

The Globe ran a similar story about Russell and Hawn “living in lockdown hell.” Hawn had lost her mind after being forced to cancel their summer wedding plans. An insider said Russell “can’t go through the day without Goldie throwing a fit and collapsing into a crying heap.” Russell “tried to calm Goldie with bike rides and walks,” but Hawn was still despondent. Not long after this story came out, Hawn and Russell were on the cover of People, where they explained how they make their 37-year relationship work. This story preyed on outdated stereotypes in lieu of accuracy.

Boozing And Bickering

Once again, the Globe attacked Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. This time, they were drinking and fighting too much. A source explained, “they’ve gotten into this rut where they both throw back booze and then start bickering about the smallest stuff.” The two were having many all-night fights and could be on the verge of a break-up. To sell the story, this article used a photo of Hawn and Russell apparently arguing. Other photos from this outing showed they were really just enjoying a morning walk, something couples on the verge of breaking up generally do not do. The truth is this: Hawn and Russell are still going strong as they approach 40 years together. No wedding is on the horizon, but we do expect many more bogus stories.

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