Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn Canceling Wedding, Breaking Up?

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have stood the test of time have adamantly defended their decision not to get married. The pair have attributed their “no-marriage” arrangement as part of the reason why their relationship is successful — but some tabloids beg to differ. Gossip Cop has gathered a few reports we’ve investigated that claimed Hawn and Russell kept calling off their wedding. Here’s the truth behind the narratives.

Goldie & Kurt Called Off Their Wedding Because Of A Fight?

In 2020, the Globe tattled that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn had called off their wedding after an argument. The paper used photos of Hawn and Russell appearing to look upset while taking a walk with her long-time partner. The tabloid wrote that ever since the pair decided to go forward with their nuptials, “they’d been endless bickering over anything and everything.” From there, an insider revealed oddly specific details about the couple’s imaginary wedding. “Goldie wanted music from India, while Kurt was thinking Beach Boys,” the source disclosed. Gossip Cop has seen this troupe before. The paper used a select few unflattering pictures of the couple to try and sell its story, but we found dozens of other photos where Russell and Hawn weren’t arguing. They’ve never planned to get married.

Kurt Walked Out On Goldie?

A month later, the same paper boldly declared that Russell was ready to walk out on Hawn. A source told the magazine that Hawn had went “bonkers” amid the current COVID-19 quarantine and had Russell “living in hell.” The insider further revealed that the two constant clashings led to them calling off their wedding. The informant added that the actor “couldn’t go through the day without Goldie throwing a fit and collapsing into a crying heap.” Gossip Cop, however, dismissed the report. We explained that the magazine took the actress’s comments about the ongoing epidemic and twisted them into a fabricated piece about her relationship with Russell.

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Goldie & Kurt Called It Quits?

Unfortunately, shortly afterward, the Globe struck again when claimed that Russell and Hawn were calling it quits. Gossip Cop, however, wasn’t so quick to believe to peculiar report. According to the supermarket tabloid, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown hurt the couple’s relationship. The publication alleged that the longtime couple was “washed up” and had their “worst-ever clash” after they called off their wedding plans for the winter. Honestly, it’s hard to take any story seriously when they use offensive terms to depict a couple’s romance. Also, if anyone has followed the couple’s history, they’d know that both Hawn and Russell have been adamant about not getting married. Around the same time, Hawn and Russell spoke to Today and revealed why they chose not to marry.

“Marriage didn’t work for either one of us. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work again, but I didn’t think that we needed to get married. I mean, what marriage ended up being, in many ways, is big business,” Hawn stated.

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell’s Quarantine Hell

Recently, Gossip Cop corrected a months-old story from OK! that had declared Goldie Hawn stormed out on Kurt Russell. Again, the tabloid alleges the pair being stuck together in quarantine put a strain on their relationship. An insider disclosed to the publication that the couple had bickered nonstop since lockdown started and that Russell “did something that made Goldie mad and she let him have it.” The source further claimed that the experience completely wrecked the couple’s talks of marriage. Gossip Cop busted the bogus narrative after finding the account to be false. The story had come out around the same time that Hawn explained why she and Russell didn’t want to get married.

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