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Any player with poor soccer skills will have a slim chance of playing for any team, therefore, the excellent time to learn the skill is at a young age. In this post, I am going to focus on how to kick a soccer ball for beginners, including kicking drills, and bonus tips for the parent coach.

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The following is a quote from an English professional soccer player:



Kids Taking A Break During A Soccer Game

Tip 2. 3 Areas Of The Ball To Strike

There are 3 parts of the ball you can strike to get to your intended target:

Top – To hit the ball low you should strike the top area of the ball.Mid – If you strike the middle or center of the ball it will travel straightBottom – When you strike the bottom of the ball it will definitely travel upwards

Tip 3. Wear Proper Shoes And Socks

Kicking can put a lot of stress on your kid’s feet, especially on kicking training session.

Ensure your kid wears proper socks and shoes so that they reduce the impact of your child’s feet when repeatedly kicking the ball. 

Tip 4. Warm-up 

Kicking involves all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones in the lower and upper body. 

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Therefore a proper warm drill is required. See my post on 5 Fun Soccer Warm Up Drills (and Warm Down)

Do not risk injury by skipping a warm-up before training.

Tip 5. Train Both Feet

Have you seen a player dribbling the ball but unable to kick and has to turn 180 degrees in order to kick?

A player that can only kick with his or her right foot will always prefer to play on the right side of the field.

 Being able to kick the ball with either foot is like a double-edged sword because you can play anywhere on the field. 

When it comes to scoring goals you can fire shots with your left and right foot further confusing the defenders and the Goalie. 

Coaches like players who are multi-skilled in the field and their chances of getting selected in the first 11 are pretty high. 

Naturally, we all have 1 strong foot and by including your weaker foot in drills and training your kid can build strength and be able to kick with it. 

Wall passing is a good drill to train both feet.

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Kicking a soccer ball is a skill that must be developed over time and you cannot expect your kid to master it after a few drills.

Remember that there are no short cuts.

Practice the Push Kick, Instep Kick, and Outside Kick consistently and your kid will acquire the skills faster.

The other kicks will come naturally.

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What other kicks did I leave out? Please let me know in the comments below.



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