Kenny Chesney’s Tell-All Interview With OK! Magazine Isn’t What You Think

Has a tabloid scored an exclusive interview with Kenny Chesney? Gossip Cop is taking a closer look at another tabloid tell-all claim.

Chesney’s ‘Turn To Talk’

The cover of OK! is designed to make the reader think the magazine has spoken to Chesney. It says Chesney will be “setting the record straight” on his four-month marriage to Renee Zellweger. He may even divulge why he won’t marry again.

He’s Ready To Open Up

The article itself, leaning on anonymous “sources,” is a selective assessment of Chesney’s annulment and single lifestyle. The source claims Chesney is “a very happy, fulfilled guy” who “lives for his music.” Chesney is, according to some “friends,” “itching to get back on the road.” Nothing here even resembles a bombshell and is all pretty ordinary.

There Is No Interview With Chesney

Gossip Cop can bust this story because it’s barely even making a claim. There is no interview inside, as the article was done completely without Chesney’s cooperation. The only hint of an actual tell-all comes in the line “he thinks it’s time for the world to know” how happy he is. The tabloid also claims, according to a source, that Chesney “is ready to open up like never before.”

If Chesney was actually “ready to open up like never before” then why isn’t he speaking to OK!? Is he going to write a book or do an interview, if so when and with whom? He’s apparently anxious to discuss his relationship with Zellweger, but why now? What’s changed to make “one of the most private stars around” suddenly change his mind and bare his soul on an unnamed platform?

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Yet Another Non-Existent Tell-All

This Chesney tell-all would just discuss how happy he is, which is hardly the kind of juicy tell-all this tabloid likes to promote. Tell-all stories are so common because, as in this article, the tabloid can simply recap some things the celebrity may want to talk about. These phony tell-all stories are among the most common types of stories Gossip Cop busts.

OK! has claimed Kelly Ripa was writing a memoir, but there was no evidence of that. Fellow musician Dolly Parton was also said to be doing a tell-all TV interview about alleged affairs, but no such interview is happening. Jennifer Aniston is frequently the target of tell-all rumors, either alone or with Brad Pitt.

Kenny Chesney is just the most recent target of tell-all speculation from this tabloid. No interview was conducted with the magazine at all. The story is a big bait and switch, and needn’t be paid any mind.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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