Kelly Ripa, Megyn Kelly “Nasty Battle Erupts” Is Fake News

A tabloid cover announcing a “nasty battle” between Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly is fake news. Gossip Cop can set the record straight about this sensational and untrue story.

In Touch exclaims on the front of its new issue, “Megyn Vs. Kelly: Nasty Battle Erupts” and “Insults Fly As Feud Turns Personal.” The gossip magazine similarly declares inside the edition, “The gloves are off! Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly are going head-to-head on TV, and it’s personal.” The article is based around Kelly getting a 9 a.m. timeslot on NBC, opposite Ripa’s “Live with Kelly & Ryan” on ABC, but the tabloid takes significant liberties with its “reporting.”

The story is filled with dramatic quotes, such as a so-called Ripa “source” claiming to the outlet, “Kelly’s ultra-competitive and has a real ‘bring it on!’ attitude when it comes to taking on Megyn.” Meanwhile, the publication quotes a Kelly “source” as saying, “She can’t wait to go against [Ripa]. Look, Megyn took on Donald Trump and won. Kelly Ripa? Please. Megyn will have her for lunch!” Yes, the tabloid wants readers to believe a real person said something so silly.

Naturally, the magazine contends Ripa and Kelly both want to out-do the other in the “ratings race,” and alleges a “booking war” has already started over the “best guests.” The two women are described as “cordial” to one another, but the outlet still insists this feud is “personal.” Yet the publication never says what’s “personal” about it, aside from each understandably wanting her respective show to be the best it can be. And all the quotes from these purported “high-level sources” in the piece are rather obvious, just taken a bit to the extreme, as if they came from a bad script. After all, why wouldn’t Ripa and Kelly want to have the number one show?

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But Ripa and Kelly are no more in a feud than, say, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Even though both host talk shows in the same time slot, any regular viewer would say the programs are actually quite different and appeal to different audiences. And although networks understandably focus on ratings and rankings, Kimmel and Fallon are not in a personal “battle” with one another.

The same goes for Ripa and Kelly. Gossip Cop is told by sources close to both stars that while it, of course, matters to them how this supposed “ratings war” pans out, there is nothing “personal” about it. They’re two different women with two different styles and two different shows, and mutual respect abounds.

In fact, contrary to the way this cover story is spinning it, Ripa herself just told the New York Times last week, “It’s always interesting to me when people try to pit us against other shows.” She went on, “We don’t compare ourselves to anybody because we are the only ones who do what we do.” And now a “Today” show insider exclusively insists to Gossip Cop that “nothing is true” in the tabloid’s story about a “personal” fight with Ripa.

The only ones making comparisons between them is the media. Indeed, Gossip Cop previously busted the National Enquirer for claiming Ripa and Kelly were feuding. What’s more is we’ve also called out In Touch for exaggerated feud tales about Ripa and Michael Strahan, as well as Kelly and Matt Lauer. That includes a cover story exactly two weeks ago that wrongly alleged Lauer was “replaced” by Kelly. In all these cases, there’s been a kernel of truth. Strahan left “Live.” Kelly joined NBC. Ripa and Kelly’s shows will air at the same time. But these “nasty battle” claims are largely fake news.

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