Kelly Ripa, Kathie Lee Gifford Feuding Over Regis Philbin?

Upon the sad news of Regis Philbin’s passing, many people thought of his two most famous co-hosts: Kelly Ripa and Kathie Lee Gifford. One tabloid is claiming these two are now fighting over crocodile tears from Philbin’s passing. Gossip Cop knows this is not true; here’s the story.

Anger Over Crocodile Tears And A Decade-Plus Of Bad Blood?

Whenever there is a tragic death in Hollywood, you can rest assured tabloids will exploit the deceased to sell magazines. In a cover story entitled “the fight over Regis,” Star is claiming Ripa and Gifford are “clashing.” Apparently, “the bad blood between Kelly and Kathie Lee goes way back,” and Philbin’s death has revitalized those bad feelings. An anonymous insider claims “Kelly turned her back on Regis after he left the show, and Kathie Lee’s well aware of that.” On Ripa’s end, she’s allegedly jealous because she “could never really compete with the bond Kathie Lee had with Regis, and Kelly still resents her for it.”

This so-called source also claims that Ripa wanted to erase Gifford from the history of Live! by banning Gifford “from the set and had all of her photos removed backstage.” Ripa did not have clout enough in 2001 to perform such a bold and conceited erasure, an erasure that would have put her directly at odds with Philbin. There is no evidence of this happening at the time either.

Both Mourn Regis’s Death; No Rivalry Exists

Gossip Cop can bust this lousy rivalry story as classless and bogus. In Ripa’s statement following Philbin’s death, she mentioned that Gifford was one of the first people she thought of when she got the bad news.. There isn’t any real evidence that Ripa and Gifford or Ripa and Philbin were at odds in his final years. Here’s a clip of all three interacting positively in 2015:

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Ripa Banned From The Funeral Too?

The cover also contains a photograph of Philbin’s widow beside the words “who wife Joy did NOT invite to the funeral!” This is continuing the story that Ripa was not invited to Philbin’s funeral at his alma mater Notre Dame. As Gossip Cop has recently busted, that story is not true either. Ripa lives across the country from Notre Dame, so the pandemic would have made travel nearly impossible. The details of Philbin’s funeral have been kept private as well.

This tabloid has targeted Ripa more than once before. Back in 2017, it claimed Ellen DeGeneres was “begging” Ripa for forgiveness. DeGeneres had former Live! co-host Michael Strahan on, so apparently that necessitated repentance. Gossip Cop busted that story, just as we busted this tabloid for alleging that Ripa and Seacrest were feuding as well.

Both Kelly Ripa and Kathie Lee Gifford will forever be associated with Regis Philbin. Both understand this and have made touching tributes publicly while mourning privately. There is no evidence that there is some secret feud going on between the daytime personalities.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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