Kelly Ripa Exposes Ryan Seacrest’s Feet And Fans Are Going Wild Over Them

Kelly Ripa exposed Ryan Seacrest’s “gawgeous” feet to her nearly 3 million Instagram followers and Live! With Kelly And Ryan fans are loving them. Ripa posted a video of the tantalizing tootsies on Instagram and now fans are clamoring to know all of Seacret’s foot care secrets. Luckily, he dropped his foot care regimen and it’s surprisingly affordable but clearly effective. 

In a video posted to her Instagram Stories yesterday, Kelly Ripa filmed Ryan Seacrest changing his socks in her dressing room and showed the world just how gorgeous her talk show co-host’s feet truly are. “Gosh, look at that,” Ripa could be heard saying in the video as she filmed Seacrest’s foot, which he helpfully held aloft and modeled for her. “Have you ever seen…?” she said before trailing off. 

Seacrest replied with good humor, “I keep them covered up, I keep them in the garage usually.” Another man who was hanging out in the dressing room with Ripa ribbed Seacrest, asking if the American Idol host had a “silicone implant” in his foot. “One does not share their secrets of the foot,” Seacrest replied. “Did you have laser done on your feet because they’re looking wrinkle-free,” the other man continued. 

Seacrest jokingly corrected him and said he’d had been “micro-blading” to add fake hairs to the tops of his toe knuckles. At that point, he’d begun putting his fresh socks on, hiding his glorious feet from view. “Let me tell you, America,” Ripa said as Seacrest began slipping his feet into his shoes, “these are feet that have been counting money all its life.” All three people burst into laughter and the recording ended, though America’s thirst for Seacrest’s feet is just beginning. 

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He stopped by TMZ Live to talk about fans’ surprising interest in his feet. Harvey Levin admitted he’d thought the hubbub over Seacrest’s feet was “kinda ridiculous,” until he’d gotten an up-close look at them himself. “Your feet are exceptional,” Levin gushed. Seacrest agreed that the situation was ridiculous, explaining that he hadn’t even known he was being filmed at first. 

“Usually in the morning, I’ll go by her dressing room and the other morning I did,” Seacrest recalled, “and she was shooting my feet and talking to them and talking about them as if they were, you know, a human being. And then she posted that.” When asked about his foot care routine, Seacrest had a surprisingly down-to-earth answer. “Look, it’s coconut oil, OK? It’s a little bit of a manicure, pedicure on a not that regular basis.” 

It was a good thing Ripa caught him when she did, he added. “You just got lucky in terms of timing. It happened to be that they weren’t as bad as they normally are.” Something tells us Seacrest is just being humble. If he ever decided to switch careers and become a full-time foot model, we’d support him 100% of the way.  

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