Keanu Reeves, Alexandra Grant Married In ‘Low-Key’ Backyard Wedding?

Did Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant tie the knot? One cover story says the two got married in a backyard. Gossip Cop investigates.

Keanu Reeves’ ‘Backyard Wedding’

According to OK!, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant had a backyard wedding. Fourteen guests were invited and no prenup was signed. Reeves reportedly popped the question over dinner with his Bill & Ted Face the Music co-star Alex Winter. An insider says Grant was “shocked but elated.”


An insider says, “The ceremony will likely take place in front of a small group of close friends and family.” The wedding could take place very soon because, as the insider explains, “Keanu wants to do something special for Alexandra’s 48th birthday in early April.” Reeves is expected to wear a black suit, like one from John Wick, while Grant will wear a lacy dress from her own closet.

The next step will be to start a family. An insider says, “Keanu’s always wanted kids, and Alexandra’s on board.” Grant and Reeves trust one another so much that they won’t be getting a prenup either. The article concludes with an insider saying Reeves now “has this wonderful woman to share his life with, and the thought of starting a family with her just fills him joy.”

It’s A Bait-And-Switch

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant did not hold a wedding in Reeves’ backyard. A rep for the Point Break star denies that they’re married. Reeves has recently signed on to star in BRZRKR, an adaptation of a comic book that he wrote. Between this, the future John Wick films, and the new Matrix movies, he will be busy for a long time to come.

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The cover of this tabloid, with words like “it’s official,” makes it sound like Reeves and Grant have already gotten married. The story itself completely changes course and says they’re just planning to get married soon. This is a bait-and-switch story that lures readers in with the promise of a backyard wedding, only to pull the rug out from readers.

Keanu Reeves’ Fourth Wedding

Gossip Cop busted OK! in November 2019 for a nearly identical story. It claimed that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant were holding a secret wedding in Malibu only for close friends, yet no such wedding happened. The following May, the tabloid once again claimed that Reeves and Grant were getting married. 

A few months later, it reported that Reeves and Grant would be married by Christmas. It’s impossible to believe the latest wedding story when OK! has already printed this story many times. You can expect another OK! cover story about this non-existent wedding in another six months or so.

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