Katy Perry Already Pregnant With Baby #2, Per Report

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child together, Daisy Dove, in August. One tabloid is claiming that the couple could be pregnant with another kid.  Gossip Cop investigates. 

Katy Perry Pregnant Again On Vacation?

After paparazzi snapped photos of Perry, Bloom, his son Flynn and their daughter Daisy in Italy, Who speculated the pop star was pregnant again. Their reasoning included Perry’s swimsuit choice, a sensible purple one-piece, and fan comments on the internet. “Looks great, even looking three months pregnant?” one user remarked. In the unsolicited photos, Perry does seem to have a bulge. 

The outlet cites an earlier article they published at the beginning of the year where an unnamed insider divulged that the singer was thinking about having another baby. “Even though Katy is back to being busy with work and American Idol, she has mentioned that motherhood has made her think about having more children one day.”

Weak Evidence

Gossip Cop can say this claim is completely false The article is such a non-story. Quoting fans, Perry’s previous interviews, and unnamed sources are not enough evidence to support the claim that Perry and Bloom are having another kid together. While anything is possible Perry could just have some extra baby weight, which is normal. In other paparazzi photos, Perry looked completely normal in a blue dress while riding a gondola with Bloom.

Tabloids Have A History Using Pregnancy Rumors To Hide Fat Shaming

Look, many people’s bodies don’t look the same after pregnancy and the baby weight may take time to come off. Even if you have money, resources, and trainers at your disposal, you are also a new parent. Dealing with a kid (during a pandemic) takes time and energy. This article is a clear use of fat-shaming against Perry, who just survived childbirth and quarantine. She is allowed to enjoy her vacation and wear whatever bathing suit she wants without being accused of being pregnant. 

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Other tabloids have pulled similar shady tricks. Women’s Day claimed Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were having a third kid because of a small bump and an unflattering picture. The same publication recently said Jennifer Lawrence and new hubby Cooke Maroney were about to be first-time parents. Her photo was taken around New York wearing a tight dress and sporting a barely-there bulge. The National Enquirer said Hailey Baldwin was pregnant because she wore her jacket close to her body while on a lunch date with her husband Justin Bieber. Tabloids will literally say anything about women’s bodies no matter where they are, what they are doing, or what they are wearing in order to sell a story.

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