Katie Holmes Wants To ‘Take The Church Down’ To Get Revenge On Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s divorce wasn’t the happiest of splits, and the eerie silence from both parties has left many wondering what happened. A new report says that Holmes is finally ready to take her revenge on her ex-husband and his controversial religion. Here’s what we know.

Katie Holmes Coming Clean About Tom Cruise?

“Tom & Katie: Finally The Truth About Suri And Scientology” shouts a recent issue of New Idea. According to the magazine, it’s “go time” for Katie Holmes’ revenge on ex-husband Tom Cruise and his beloved Church of Scientology since she’s now “at the tail end of a rumored 10-year marriage contract, believed to have been in place as part of her divorce settlement” with the Mission: Impossible actor. The alleged agreement forebode Holmes from sharing any details about her relationship with Cruise or their custody agreement, but with its impending expiration, sources say that Holmes is looking to share whatever dirty details she can in a book. The magazine also notes that “publishers are wanting Katie to come clean on whether or not Tom imposed rules on her dating in public.”

“Suri is inching towards legal adulthood, so if Katie’s going to have a book out, next year is the time,” an unnamed source reveals. “That way, she still has sole custody over Suri, meaning she’s free from this gag order, so she can go on the run and into hiding with Suri for a while if things get too prickly with the church.” According to insiders, Katie Holmes’ revelations are so massive that they have “the power to take the church down. It will surpass any previous defectors who have spoken out,” a source explains. “Katie’s got a hell of a story to tell — which means the church will do everything in its power to stop her,” one insider warns, although the outlet concedes that “it’s looking increasingly likely that Katie will go ahead with a book deal” and get her revenge after all.

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Is Katie Holmes Striking Back?

While we don’t doubt that there are some deeply buried secrets about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce, we do doubt this story of a revenge memoir. For one, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There’s apparently a gag order that prevents her from speaking for a decade, but she filed for divorce on June 29, 2012. If the book came out this year or next year, it’d still be under that supposed 10-year agreement.

However, the magazine confusingly states that Katie Holmes needs to get the book out soon since the gag order somehow doesn’t apply when she has sole custody of Suri, who just turned 15 this year. That means the teen won’t be a legal adult for another three years, which somehow affects the agreement as well. Confused? So are we. Basically, it looks like this tabloid decided on a shocking headline but didn’t bother to try and figure out how such an agreement would work in reality. Ultimately, all the outlet could come up with was nonsense. After all, what makes more sense: Katie Holmes being under a contract that allows her to share in quite a bit of PDA with her boyfriend but also prevents her from saying that she’s dating out loud or Katie Holmes just preferring not to talk about her personal life with the media? It’s beyond hard to believe this tabloid’s tale.

Where’s The Tell-All?

We’re also extremely doubtful that Katie Holmes will pen any sort of revenge memoir or that there’s even talk about one. New Idea seems to be obsessed with coming up with new adventures for Katie Holmes even if they have absolutely no basis in reality. This same tabloid declared that she was pregnant with twins earlier this year, which ultimately ended up being fake. The outlet has even dabbled with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes drama before, falsely reporting that Holmes was trying to get Suri’s last name changed through some other ridiculous plan. The details of its Scientology-destroying book don’t add up either, and as such, we’re calling this story just as bogus as its past shots at the stars.

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