Katie Holmes Pregnant With A Girl

Is Katie Holmes expecting another baby, a tabloid report is claiming she is. Gossip Cop knows the real story

Spotted With ‘Baby Bump’

According to New Idea, “a sister for Suri” is on the way. The Batman Begins star “appeared to show off a baby bump while out” in New York City recently. Accompanied is a photograph of Holmes in a dress that is clearly being jostled by the wind. So-called insiders chime in to say “Katie hasn’t publicly dated anyone since Jamie Foxx” which means “everyone’s now trying to guess who the father could be.”

Suri Is Excited

Suri is apparently delighted at this new baby, for the tabloid claims “sources say she’s long been begging her mom for a little sister.” The sex of a baby is unknown until a minimum of 14 weeks but usually closer to 20, at which point a baby bump would be undeniable; furthermore, only people very close to Holmes would know the gender and not some random sources. Also, how in blazes would anonymous “sources” know what how Suri would feel about this? That is an impossible amount of insight into a subject.

Holmes Is Not Pregnant

Gossip Cop spoke to a spokesperson for Holmes who called this story “disgusting and untrue.” This tabloid also claimed in May 2019 that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s child and that baby never came, so this isn’t the first time this tabloid has paraded a bogus pregnancy involving Holmes. More recent photos of Holmes show that there is no “baby bump” as this tabloid claimed, it was simply the wind.

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Tabloid Has Now Disproven Itself

Let’s circle back to the father-speculation because the tabloid outright says “Katie hasn’t publicly dated anyone since Jamie Foxx.” Since breaking up with Foxx, the tabloid has claimed Holmes was dating a litany of stars. Most recently, the tabloid said Holmes was dating James Marsden, but that romance isn’t mentioned in this baby article. The tabloid has inadvertently admitted its romantic coverage of Holmes was purely speculative.

Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted this tabloid over faulty claims regarding Holmes’ love life. It said Holmes was dating Mulholland Drive star Justin Theroux with Jennifer Aniston’s blessing. She allegedly confirmed she’d been remarried on Instagram, but that was just hogwash. In June, the tabloid said she had reconciled with her “true love,” Chris Klien. These stories were all bogus because, as New Idea has now admitted, Holmes isn’t publicly dating anyone.

The only evidence provided by this tabloid is a windy photograph of Holmes and a source saying Suri was excited. That is not proof of pregnancy, so Gossip Cop is busting this story.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/report-katie-holmes-pregnant-with-a-girl/3039/

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