Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx “Wedding Album” Is Tabloid Cover Bait And Switch

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not married, nor does a magazine have their “wedding album.” It’s all a bait and switch. Gossip Cop can expose the trickery.

The new cover of OK! blares, “Katie & Jamie Wedding Album! The Ring, The Vows, The Guests!” Promising details “inside their intimate ceremony” and “why they didn’t tell Tom [Cruise],” the front of the issue features a big photo of Holmes in a white dress. There are also old pictures of Foxx and Holmes at a charity event, although the tabloid gives no indication that they’re old and not from a secret wedding. It’s all purposefully designed to make readers think the alleged couple has already tied the knot and that the publication has all the details.

But inside the edition, the tabloid acknowledges Holmes and Foxx haven’t actually married. Rather, a so-called “source” is quoted as claiming, “They’re finally planning their wedding… Friends say they’ve been discussing wedding and reception details for the last two months, hashing out a guest list and recruiting the bridal party.” The outlet admits “they haven’t asked anyone to save a date,” but maintains “there are whispers that the ceremony will take place in October.” Planning? Discussing? Whispers? Basically, a lot of meaningless buzzwords.

From there, the magazine further speculates that Holmes will wear a dress by designer pal Zac Posen, the two will exchange rings from Cartier, and they’ll hold the nuptials in the Hamptons. As for guests, the publication alleges Eva Longoria and Robert Downey Jr. will make the 50-person cut, with Holmes and Foxx’s daughters from their previous relationships playing roles in the ceremony. The article also notes that Cruise hasn’t been told of the impending wedding.

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But there is no impending wedding in the first place. This is a fictional ceremony made up by the same tabloid that has run similar stories in the past. In fact, it was more than a year ago that OK! falsely claimed Holmes was having a “wedding and baby” with Foxx. And last November, the gossip magazine went so far as to wrongly assert Holmes was three months pregnant with Foxx’s baby.

Tellingly, that invented pregnancy from five months ago isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new cover story. This has all been a manufactured fantasy, which is why the outlet has now resorted to trying to dupe its readers with its “wedding album” cover this week. It doesn’t have any wedding photos, and it won’t in the future, either. The magazine’s purported “whispers” about a wedding are just as fake as all of its previous claims. A rep for Foxx exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Their reporting is a complete fabrication.”

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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