Kate Middleton Worried Prince William Is ‘Drinking The Pain Away’?

Prince William is ‘in crisis’ again. One tabloid reports his drinking is driving a wedge between himself and Kate Middleton. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘William’s Private Pain’

The cover story of In Touch is about how Prince William is “on the brink.” Kate Middleton is concerned that “the stress of the last few years has really gotten to” her husband. An insider said Prince William is “under immense pressure” as he takes “on additional responsibilities while Queen Elizabeth,” who “remains sidelined due to the pandemic.” On top of all of that, in addition to “his feud with Prince Harry and his power struggle with his father over who will be king,” Prince William had to battle COVID-19 and watch “old wounds [be] ripped open” thanks to The Crown.

Prince William “is struggling to cope” with “a lot of anger and pain” and “anxiety issues.” The largest source of anxiety of all “is his power struggle with his father, Prince Charles” over “who will be the next king.” To deal with the anxiety, “William has been drinking more.”

All of this drama “is taking its toll on Kate” who has “dropped to 97 pounds.” Middleton is not “giving up, however, despite all the pressure.” The article concludes by saying “if she continues to support William, they will get through this.”

Lots To Take In, Even More Falsehoods

This story is the greatest hits of all the bogus prince William stories Gossip Cop debunks on a daily basis. The biggest inaccuracy is the fight for the throne. Father and son have not been fighting over the crown because, well, there’s nothing to fight over. Parliament sets the rules for succession, and it’s crystal clear that the next king will be Prince Charles.

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The next myth is the “feud with Prince Harry.” While the brothers aren’t as close as they once were, their tension has been completely exaggerated by the tabloids. We’ve also busted stories about Prince William’s COVID-19 diagnosis and his relationship with Netflix’s The Crown.

We’re Still Not Done

In order for In Touch to know if Prince William drinks too much, it would need to spend a significant amount of time with him. The coronavirus pandemic makes this pretty much impossible, so only the Cambridge’s themselves would know this. The tabloid also used years-old photos, which you find by simply googling “Prince William drinking,” supposably as proof of its claim, which is misleading and lazy.

The same goes for the very specific weight of 97 pounds. Did this tabloid personally put Middleton on a scale to get that number? This is just a sneaky way for In Touch to criticize Middleton’s figure, something the tabloids have been utterly obsessed with for years.

This is coming from the same tabloid that claimed Prince Andrew would spill secrets in a revenge plot against his family, but that never happened. It also claimed Kate Middleton was saving Christmas, but COVID-19 made its story impossible. In Touch has no real insight into the royal family and relies on tired stories instead of legitimate evidence. Prince William is not drinking to cope with his many rivalries, for most of those rivalries don’t even exist.

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