Kate Middleton Never Used Surrogate, Despite Report A Year Ago

Kate Middleton never used a surrogate to have another child, despite a report a year ago claiming she couldn’t get pregnant again. Of course, the Duchess of Cambridge is currently pregnant and due in April. Gossip Cop is looking back at this bust from February 17, 2017 to show how wrong the original story was.

One year ago, RadarOnline announced in a headline, “Stick-Thin Princess Kate Secretly Shopping For IVF Surrogate!” The website alleged that amid a “fraying marriage” and supposed health problems, Middleton “turned to test-tube procedures to have a baby.” The blog deemed the mom of two “bulimic and anorexic,” and claimed she wasn’t “strong enough to endure another” pregnancy. As is widely-known, the royal had previously struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness, in the early stages of her pregnancies with Prince George and Prince Charlotte.

So now the site alleged Middleton “can’t get pregnant,” and claimed she “convinced” husband Prince William to do in vitro fertilization with the help of a gestational carrier. Middleton planned to “hire a surrogate to carry the infant to term” so their kids would have “another sibling,” the blog asserted at the time. It was further claimed Middleton was in a “nightmare of desperation and heartache,” with a purported “royals insider” contending she was “convinced a new baby will cure her marriage issues.”

But Middleton and Prince William weren’t actually having “marriage issues,” and there was no evidence to support the claim that her life was a “nightmare.” A Kensington Palace contact also dismissed the entire report to Gossip Cop on background as “tabloid rubbish.” The pair had no intention of using a surrogate, and we were proven right months later when it was announced in September that Middleton was pregnant again.

And while Middleton’s growing baby bump has been on display, the outlet has never acknowledged wrongly alleging she couldn’t get pregnant and would be using a surrogate. Unsurprisingly, though, the pregnancy has led to more false rumors cropping up. For example, Life & Style has repeatedly maintained that Middleton is expecting twins, a bogus claim also made by RadarOnline’s sister publication OK!. As we’ve repeatedly reported and Kensington Palace confirmed, Middleton is carrying just one baby.

In the latest iteration of the phony twins narrative, it was also alleged doctors wanted the expectant royal on bed rest. But as we pointed out earlier this month, Middleton is keeping up with her duties and continuing to make official appearances. She’s even expected to be at the BAFTAs on Sunday. But given that the gossip media seemingly can’t report accurately on her, perhaps the tabloids should avoid the pregnancy topic all together.

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