Kate Middleton “Hit With Cocaine Bombshell” Is Fake News

Kate Middleton has not been “hit with [a] cocaine bombshell,” despite a completely misleading report. Gossip Cop can expose this outrageous example of fake news.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Monday it was revealed Middleton is expecting her third child with Prince William. RadarOnline took that joyous news and decided to run pure, unadulterated clickbait with a headline exclaiming, “EXPECTING SCANDAL: Pregnant Kate Middleton Hit With Cocaine Bombshell.” The wording was designed to lead readers to believe the Duchess of Cambridge is directly involved with a drug scandal. That serious implication, however, is a huge exaggeration.

In actuality, the webloid’s story is about cocaine remnants allegedly being found in St. Mary’s, the hospital used by thousands of people in London. Middleton happens to be one of those people, as she gave birth to both Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the medical facility. But the drug investigation has nothing to do with her. In fact, the illicit substance wasn’t even located in the maternity wing.

But here’s the real absurdity: The cocaine residue that was allegedly located at the large London hospital was found more than two years ago, and the website based its article off a report from the Mirror that was dated April 29, 2015. That was before Princess Charlotte was even born. Simply because Middleton’s third pregnancy was just announced, the outlet decided to regurgitate the outdated allegations to claim she and Prince William have been “rocked by an old cocaine bombshell.” But they weren’t rocked back then and they still aren’t now. In fact, at the time, Kensington Palace even point-blank said that it was a “matter for the hospital,” not the royal family.

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Nevertheless, the online publication now dramatically asks, “Is the situation now cleaned up so Middleton can have her third child safely at the hospital? It could come back to haunt Middleton and William as they also have dealt with getting marriage counseling after his flirty ski vacation with party pals and pretty women in March.” Of course, that’s fake news as well. Gossip Cop called out the webloid earlier this year for sensationally claiming Prince William was in a cheating scandal. A few months later, that untrue premise was used to falsely allege Prince William and Kate Middleton were in marriage counseling.

In each case, RadarOnline greatly distorted the truth just to score clicks. But to take an article from two years ago and use it to claim a pregnant Middleton has now been “hit” with a “cocaine bombshell” is really beyond the pale.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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