Kate Hudson Did NOT Meet Brad Pitt’s Kids, Despite Report

Kate Hudson did NOT meet Brad Pitt‘s kids, despite a fabricated tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the made-up report.

The new cover of Star exclaims, “Kate Meets Brad’s Kids!” The front of the issue further touts a “Playdate In Malibu,” and even features photos of Pitt with his children and Hudson with a camera. But these pictures have nothing to do with each other. They were not taken at the same time, and the magazine is trying to deceive readers by pretending they are from this imaginary “playdate.”

The publication continues to mislead consumers inside the edition, writing, “Talk about a relationship milestone moment! Sources say Brad Pitt takes his romance with Kate Hudson to the next level by bringing her along for a beach day with his children.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “I heard they were laughing and running around chasing a Frisbee along the shore, and Brad was wearing aviator shades and khakis, while Kate wore short shorts that showed off her tan legs.” (It’s worth noting that neither of these wardrobe descriptions even match the pictures on the cover.)

“Everyone kicked off their shoes and got their feet wet. They stayed for hours and had the best time. I’m sure they looked just like one big happy family,” continues the alleged snitch, who has awfully specific but fictional details about this supposed hangout. “Brad must have been delighted that his kids got on so well with Kate, and at one point, I heard they took a stroll along the water.”

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The tabloid deems this a “public outing” and “apparently the first time [Hudson] met his brood,” even though this event never actually happened. The rest of the article is filled out with Angelina Jolie’s supposed reaction to this non-existent “playdate,” with it being said she was “livid.” Curiously not mentioned, though, is the magazine’s December cover story that claimed Hudson was pregnant with Pitt’s baby.

Star is conveniently forgetting it told that massive lie while peddling more fake news. The entire Pitt-Hudson narrative has been manufactured by the unscrupulous publication, which obviously rather manipulate readers than tell the truth. And the truth is this: Hudson did not meet Pitt’s kids on a playdate, and the two stars aren’t even dating. An actual real-life source close to Pitt even exclusively tells Gossip Cop that he and Hudson “have not seen each other in years.”

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/kate-hudson-meet-brad-pitt-kids-playdate-children/46087/

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