Kanye West ‘Desperate’ To Lose Weight Over Kardashians Laughing At His ‘Man Boobs?’

Is Kanye West on the “diet from hell” because he thinks the Kardashians are laughing about his “man boobs” and slob habits? A tabloid reports this week that though he’s gotten an ego boost from his new relationship with Irina Shayk, he’s still “desperate” to lose weight in an attempt to both impress his new girlfriend as well as prove his ex and her family wrong. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor. 

Kanye West ‘Desperate’ To Drop Extra Pounds?

“Kanye’s Diet From Hell!” reads the headline out of this week’s issue of the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, “bulky” Kanye West has become so desperate to lose some weight now that he’s got a new love interest in the form of sexy supermodel Irina Shayk, but it’s been a struggle. In fact, the outlet’s sources insist that the rapper has found the process to be utter “TORTURE.” 

He’s apparently hired a slew of new staff to help him achieve his weight loss goals, including a chef, a trainer, and “a live-in life coach to be on call 24/7,” but it’s still been a “nightmare,” the snitch says. Though the source claims West is still riding a “real confidence boost” after “landing himself one of the hottest supermodels on the planet,” there are some doubts about her intentions, which West is supposedly trying his hardest to ignore. 

“He won’t let it enter his head Irina’s more turned on by his checkbook and the limelight than his supposed genius, charm, and good looks,” the so-called “insider” explains. Making West’s alleged insecurity even worse is the Kardashians’ supposed teasing. “He knows the Kardashians still laugh about his man boobs and what a slob he is,” the source tattles, adding that West wants to ram all the negative comments “down their throats by looking his very best!” 

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Despite his vehemence, however, there’s a very big problem looming ahead for West: his utter hatred of salads and exercising threaten to derail his big plans. He also refuses to get surgery, though he’s had lipo in the past, because of the way his mother died. It’s curious that the tabloid’s source would list the death of his mother, who died the day after undergoing breast reduction surgery, as the cause for West’s hesitancy to undergo surgery. 

Gossip Cop Takes A Look At The Facts

West had liposuction performed in 2016, nearly a decade after his mother’s 2007 death. He admitted to the surgery in a 2018 interview with Charlamagne Tha God, insisting that he’d had the surgery in order to look better and avoid the mean comments that his ex-brother-in-law Rob Kardashian received for his weight. West went on to say that the surgery led to a dependency on the opioid pain medication he was prescribed, which in turn led to his infamous onstage breakdown. 

While Gossip Cop can believe that West has put more of a focus on losing weight or becoming more fit, we don’t believe he’s doing so in order to prove his ex and her family, who he’s been avoiding like the plague, wrong. We also sincerely doubt that the Kardashian family is making fun of West’s “man boobs.” Actually, that sounds more like something this tabloid would say about West than something the Kardashians would ever utter aloud. 

Gossip Cop has already busted several other stories from the Enquirer’s sister publication, the Globe, on this subject. It seems like neither outlet can stop itself from body and fat–shaming West, always under the guise of a concerned onlooker but with the spiteful, cruel attitude of a callous bully.

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