Julia Roberts “Secret Affair” Tabloid Cover Story Is Misleading Bait And Switch

A tabloid cover story announcing Julia Roberts had a “secret affair” is extremely misleading. Gossip Cop can explain why this egregious cover amounts to a bait and switch.

The new cover of Life & Style blares, “Julia: The Secret Affair That Nearly Destroyed Her.” It further teases, “Daily phone calls & secret meetings at an apartment,” and “How she recovered by turning to her children & charity work.” These phrases were all chosen to give consumers the impression that Roberts just had an affair and is now moving on from it with her kids. That is not the case.

It’s only several paragraphs into the actual article that the gossip magazine reveals it is not writing about anything current. Rather, this story is about something that allegedly happened more than 15 years ago. As is widely known, in 2000 Roberts was involved with Benjamin Bratt. That year, she met Danny Moder while filming The Mexican. Bratt and Roberts ended their relationship in 2001. She and Moder wed in 2002 and have been together ever since.

Now here we are in 2017, and the tabloid is proclaiming to have “the truth about the hidden romance” that left Roberts “emotionally scarred” and “still affects her marriage today.” The outlet brands the actress the “other woman,” stating she “helped break up” Moder’s own marriage all those years ago. No one would know this, however, from the publication’s cover.

The aforementioned part that touts “how she recovered by turning to her children” is especially noteworthy. As noted, the actual story is about Roberts’ alleged behavior when she met Moder and supposedly embarked on a “secret affair” with him. But the Oscar winner had no kids at that point in time, making it possible for her to recover by “turning to her children.” That phrase, however, was used on the cover to bait readers, to make people think she has leaned on her kids now to get over a recent affair.

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There’s a stark switch in the actual article, which is primarily about events that supposedly took place more than a decade and a half ago, long before Roberts had children. There is little that is truly current about this cover story, aside from the magazine asserting without proof that the purported affair “affects her to this day.” “The aftermath of the affair still stings for Julia,” contends the outlet, which resorts to quoting a “branding expert,” who maintains Roberts’ public image hasn’t fully recovered. And it’s a psychologist, who has never treated the actress, who suggests to the publication that “the way her romance with Danny began may be continuing to affect her relationship with him today.”

Still, Gossip Cop questions the newsworthiness of this cover story. It deals with matters from nearly 17 years ago. The end of Roberts’ relationship with Bratt and the start of her romance with Moder was widely covered at the time. Life & Style even makes references in its article to reports and TV interviews that came out back then. The only apparent value in rehashing all of this now is in crafting a cover that tricks readers into thinking there is a current or recent “secret affair.” It was manufactured to get consumers to shell out money, not to genuinely deliver news.

And it comes after Life & Style‘s sister publication In Touch has spent the last couple of years falsely claiming Roberts and Moder are on the verge of divorce. Now as they near their 15th wedding anniversary next month, their marriage has once again been sensationalized for a misleading tabloid cover.

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