Julia Roberts Furious At Husband Danny Moder For Being ‘Irresponsible’ With Their Kids?

Is Julia Roberts upset with husband Danny Moder for his “daredevil antics”? That was on tabloid’s story last month. Gossip Cop has investigated the story and can set the record straight.

Julia Roberts Fears Danny Moder Is Bad Influence On Their Kids?

In early June, OK! reported that Julia Roberts was furious with her husband, Danny Moder, for letting his “daredevil antics” rub off on their kids. Back in May, Moder posted a video of their 13-year-old son skateboarding down a winding cliffside road without a helmet. The video incited a wave of criticism from concerned parents insisting Moder was putting his child’s life in danger by not teaching him to take the proper precautions. But according to the tabloid, Moder faced the biggest backlash from his wife.

An inside source tells the tabloid, “Danny’s always been a massive adrenaline junkie, but she feels like he’s encouraging Henry and the twins to take needless risks.” The outlet interjects that this tiff was only the most recent after years of marital strife. The insider adds, “They’re butting heads a lot. Julia, who’s more tightly wound than Danny, says he’s being irresponsible, and he says she should get off his back. But anyone who’s been around Julia doubts that she will.”

Tensions ‘Have Ramped Up’ Between Julia Roberts And Danny Moder?

So, is it true Roberts and Moder’s relationship is near a breaking point after accusations that Moder is an irresponsible parent? Absolutely not. It’s easy to criticize a family from the outside, but it’s obvious this tabloid has no idea what’s going on in Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage. Despite the tabloid’s claim that tensions have been rising in their marriage, it provided no details on why exactly that is.

Furthermore, Roberts and Moder just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary with their own sweet tributes to each other on Instagram. In her post, Roberts wrote “19 years… Just getting started.” While in his, Moder wrote, “Today we start our 20th year of marriage. This photo was on a dusty road before that big idea … just holding on to this beautiful girl one day at a time. One epic day at a time.” These sentiments hardly speak to a marriage falling apart.

The Tabloid On Julia Roberts And Danny Moder

From what we can tell, OK! has had it out for Roberts and Moder for some time now. Last year, the tabloid alleged Roberts was begging Moder to stop surfing. Then, the magazine reported the couple was “headed towards a trial separation.” And most recently, the outlet asserted Roberts and Moder were “clashing non-stop.” Obviously, OK! has no real insight into the two’s marriage.

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