Johnny Depp Cheated on Amber Heard With Angelina Jolie?

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard head to trial over abuse allegations, did Angelina Jolie have an affair with Depp that rocked the marriage? Gossip Cop can debunk this lazy story.

One would think with a proper trial going on with plenty of salacious details that Star Magazine would not feel the need to make things up. In a cover story the magazine writes, beneath a picture of Jolie, “Johnny Cheated with Angie!” Within the cover story there is, well, nothing at all? Gossip Cop can debunk this cover easily because the tabloid didn’t even try to make one up.

The cover story simply rehashes the ongoing allegations between exes Heard and Depp. Each has accused the other of domestic violence in an extremely public fashion. The two went to court at the start of July to settle the currently ongoing case.

Where Jolie comes in is left deliberately unclear. The only mention of Jolie comes under a photo of the two doing press for The Tourist. “The Other Woman?” the tabloid says, but doesn’t really say anything, just that Jolie “warned her ex to ‘tread carefully’ and get an ironclad prenup” before marrying Heard. That is the full extent of Jolie being involved in then story.

This is a classic bait-and-switch. The tabloid never even bothers to craft a story around Jolie and Pitt, it just blindly says they had an affair on the cover. Additionally, Depp and Jolie are not exes, just old friends, so even that blurb is inaccurate! We debunked this same tabloid in 2017 for their story that Jolie was getting revenge on Brad Pitt by dating Depp. A source close to Depp told us then that “this is completely false.” It was a lie in 2017, and it’s a lie now.

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Also on the cover is a photograph of Depp on a gurney next to the text “the night Johnny almost died” with an arrow pointing to him. The paper is implying this photo is of a critically ill Depp. Gossip Cop has traced that photograph as evidence presented at the trial itself. BBC posted the image in their story from the trial. It depicts Depp after Heard allegedly threw a bottle of vodka at his hand. He’s not dying in the photograph, contrary to what the outlandish cover would have you believe. Even by tabloid standards this is pretty lazy. We’ve debunked plenty of its stories in the past, like when it claimed Brad Pitt was taking the kids from Jolie to quarantine. This is completely false, as Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to the family who said the story was entirely false.

This isn’t their first time parroting a phony Jolie dating rumor either. In 2019 the tabloid said she was asking Keanu Reeves out on a date. Gossip Cop debunked this article too. Reeves’ rep told us that a denial was sent to Star before the article was published.

This tabloid has dropped the ball with Depp and Heard in the past as well. Gossip Cop debunked their story about Depp’s friends turning on him over the abuse allegations. In fact, many of Depp’s friends like Jude Law and Alice Cooper have stood by him. This cannot be the end of these manufactured stories to come out of this messy trial. Check back into Gossip Cop as the stories unfold.

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