John Goodman’s Health Crisis, Wendy Williams’ Breakdown, And More Gossip From This Week

Life can change in the blink of an eye, and that’s just as true for celebrities. This week has seen a number of stories about health scares and worried friends. Here’s what you might have missed so far.

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John Goodman ‘Running Out Of Time’?

Though he’s cleaned up his act as he’s gotten older, the National Enquirer reports that Goodman is deeply worried that he doesn’t have much time left after years of health problems and drug and alcohol abuse. “Doctors have told him after so many years of boozing, the damage to his liver is hard to calculate,” a source reveals. Here’s what we know about the legendary actor’s health.

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Wendy Williams Needs ‘Emergency Psychological Care?’

According to the Enquirer, the “train-wreck talk queen” has been caught “jumping the rails yet again” after reportedly a wild confrontation at a dry cleaners. “She’s acting out in very disturbing ways,” a doctor explains. “She seems incoherent and in desperate need of professional care.” This is what’s going on with the controversial host.

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Dolly Parton’s Husband Has ‘Months’ To Live?

Parton has become her husband’s “primary caregiver,” according to the Enquirer, as his “condition has drastically declined.” A friend of the singer tells the outlet that she “feared leaving Carl alone in Tennessee” so much that she turned down the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We checked in on the rumor and the country icon here.

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Report: Prince Harry Launching Hollywood Career, Orchestrated By Meghan Markle

Heat reports that Markle “has been encouraging Harry to put himself out there and do a lot more schmoozing in Hollywood,” and given his recent appearance with James Corden, it seems to be working. “As the world goes back to normal, you can guarantee that they will be putting themselves out there more and more,” an insider explains. This is what’s going on with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman ‘Spicing Up’ Marriage With Facelift?

Though they share a relationship that stretches decades, the Globe says that Perlman’s recent facelift has finally brought “back some of the magic that brought the couple together when they first started dating in 1971.” The Cheers star reportedly underwent a few nip-and-tucks to freshen up their romance. Here’s what the spicy rumor said about the couple.

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