Joanna Gaines Fighting With Chip Over Money Again?

Are Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines fighting over money? One tabloid claims that Chip is spending too much money for Joanna’s liking. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Spendthrift Habits Chip Away At Joanna’

According to the National Enquirer, “Chip and Joanna Gaines are clashing over his wild spending… and she’s desperate to rein him in before they land in the poorhouse.” A source says the couple may look well off, “but they were hit hard by the pandemic like everyone else and recovery has been sluggish, to say the least.” The Fixer Upper stars are “just getting back on their feet and under a ton of pressure to get their Magnolia network off to a running start.”

The hitch in this plan is Chip, who “is casual when it comes to money.” Joanna gets frustrated “to see him buying things they don’t need, like new tools and equipment when the old ones work just fine.” An insider says “Jo suspects he’s taken advantage of more often than not.”

Chip doesn’t know “where to draw the line” when designing renovations, and often makes things “more and more luxurious.” He’s “always shopping and not always for the house,” for he spends money on boots and coffee too. The article concludes by saying “he thinks big and doesn’t worry about the expense” because he “wants to best of everything for himself and everyone else.”

This Isn’t Happening

Gossip Cop confronts stories all the time that make Chip Gaines out to be a manipulable person who spends too much money. This is simply not true. A rep for the Gaines’ said the two are not clashing over money. While Chip is cast as the more free-wheeling everyman on the TV show, in real life he’s been just as big a creator of the Magnolia empire as Joanna.

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While the Magnolia Network’s launch has been star-crossed, the launch date is finally set for July 2021. On top of this burgeoning network, the two have their wildly successful homegoods line at Target, as well as books and magazines a-plenty. Renovating houses is only a very small fraction of their income. A cursory glance at Joanna’s Instagram will also prove that the two are clearly still in love, and there’s no legitimate evidence of the described fighting.

Other Bogus Stories

Chip and Joanna Gaines are often the topic of tabloid divorce talks. We’ve seen so many stories about the two allegedly fighting that we collected them into one article. If the Gaines’ actually argued half as much as the tabloids claimed, then there would certainly be no Magnolia Network.

As for the Enquirer, we busted it for printing an almost identical version of this story once before. Back in September both this tabloid and OK! claimed the couple was fighting over Chip’s spending. They weren’t then, and they aren’t now. Gossip Cop also debunked the Enquirer for saying the Gaines’ were fighting over the reboot of Fixer Upper, which is pretty silly considering how the show could not work without both being on board.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are not struggling financially, nor are they fighting over Chip’s spending. The Magnolia empire is fine shape, so this story is bogus.

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