Jennifer Lopez Cancelling Wedding To Alex Rodriguez Over ‘Cold Feet?’

Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez were going to be wed in Italy last June. COVID-19 forced the wedding to be indefinitely delayed. Tabloids are now speculating that Lopez got cold feet and that the two may split up. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘The Wedding’s Off’

Let’s start with the report in Life & Style which claimed Rodriguez “has gotten a case of cold feet.” He was overwhelmed by wedding planning and “decided it wasn’t necessary anymore.” The article quotes Lopez herself as saying “we’ve both been married before… do we get married?… what does it mean for us?”

‘I Don’t?’

The In Touch version of this story is pretty much identical even down to the title which is actually rather suspicious. Both outlets claim to have the “exclusive” but use the same insider quotes verbatim. The National Enquirer version of this story is a tad different as it adds that Lopez is “fed up with her partner’s pandemic pounds.” You can’t call it an exclusive when it’s printed in multiple tabloids, so these reports are at the very least deliberately misleading.

The tabloid pointed out that Lopez was recently spotted without her engagement ring on, which could be a sign of strife. An insider said “Jennifer’s heartbroken” about the canceled wedding. The story concludes by saying “it’s pretty sad, actually.”

Let’s Hear Lopez Explain What’s Happening

There is some truth to this story. Lopez recently did an interview with Andy Cohen where she was asked if she and Rodriguez would ever get married, or stay domestic partners like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Let’s listen to what she had to say.

The delay was caused strictly by COVID-19 concerns and may not happen for some time if at all. The whole experience has caused Rodriguez and Lopez to rethink if they’ll get married, but these feelings were only explored after the wedding was already canceled. Rodriguez has posted multiple photos with Lopez since this interview, so clearly, they’re still devoted to each other even if they remain unwed.

The tabloids are trying to get you to think a break-up may happen between Lopez and Rodriguez, but that’s simply not in the cards. Lopez herself said there’s “no rush” to get married, so only time will tell when or if it happens.”

Tabloids Love This Story

Since Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged, tabloids have printed stories about the relationship ending. Gossip Cop has busted stories of jealousy ending the engagement from both In Touch and the Enquirer. We’ve busted the myth of the missing engagement ring too, for Lopez simply doesn’t always wear her ring. As for Life & Style, we busted their story which had intimate wedding details because all the details were completely made-up.

While it is true that Lopez and Rodriguez may not get married, it’s unfair to say this was caused by either one getting cold feet. They’re still together and on the same page about their future, whatever it may be.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.

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