Jennifer Lawrence Tired Of Being ‘Stay-At-Home Wife,’ Heading Towards Split With Cooke Maroney

Has Jennifer Lawrence already tired of her marriage to her husband of one year Cooke Maroney? A tabloid claimed earlier this year that the Oscar-winning actress was sick of being a “stay-at-home wife” and it was only a “matter of time” before she pulled the plug on the “boring” relationship. Gossip Cop can set matters straight.

Marital Troubles Already For Jennifer Lawrence?

Just a few months after Jennifer Lawrence’s October 2019 wedding to New York City’s Gladstone art gallery director Cooke Maroney, NW claimed the marriage was already “careening towards a shock split.” Sources told the Australian outlet that Lawrence had “come to the realization that her movie star world is in stark contrast to the simple life” that Maroney preferred.

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Before she met Cooke, Jen was one of the biggest partiers in Hollywood. She’s toned it down, but she’s bored being a stay-at-home wife.

According to the so-called “insider,” rather than spending her days luxuriating in “glamour, parties, and booze,” Lawrence’s new daily routine consisted of “exercising and online shopping,” a far cry from her days of “painting the town red.” Even Lawrence’s high-profile friendships have been negatively affected by the actress’ new “boring” life. The insider alleged that Lawrence’s new life with Maroney “forced” her to put her friendships with fellow famous cohorts like Margot Robbie and Adele “on hold” in order to “prioritize schmoozing and ‘adapting to Cooke’s intellectual art world circle.”

Lawrence “Avoiding” Her Home Life?

“Pals” of Lawrence further asserted that the Silver Linings Playbook star has been “avoiding her home life” by “throwing herself into work” and has taken on two new, big projects: the mafia biopic Mob Girl and Netflix comedy Don’t Look Up. Unfortunately for Lawrence, sources continued, Maroney seemingly hadn’t noticed his new wife’s unhappiness, nor that she was heading towards a “breaking point.”

Jen seems to have more fun when Cooke’s not there. She can be herself, have a couple of drinks and not feel like she’s being judged. It might just be a matter of time before she puts an end to the marriage.

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It’s been several months since this article was published, which suggested that Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s marriage was “over after four months,” was published, and the two recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. If it was only a “matter of time” before Lawrence put “an end to the marriage,” why has neither party filed for divorce or announced a separation? Probably because the story was totally made up.

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Why would Lawrence need to ditch her friends and dive into the art gallery scene just because she married an art gallery director? What century is this writer living in where a wife would need to abandon everything about her past life now that she’s married? Maroney fell in love with Lawrence during her supposed “glamour, parties and booze” phase, so why would he suddenly “force” her to change everything about her lifestyle now that they’re married? It just doesn’t make any sense and is in no way backed up by any concrete evidence.

This tabloid has long made sport of speculating about Lawrence’s marriage to Maroney. Even before the two tied the knot, NW claimed their engagement was already in a “crisis.” The outlet insisted that Lawrence had had to make a lot of compromises in the relationship, which was driving a wedge between herself and her then-fiancé. Gossip Cop learned from a source close to the situation that this was utterly false.

This tabloid was also behind rumors that Lawrence had “banned” her parents from her wedding ceremony. Once again, Gossip Cop heard from a source with direct knowledge of the situation who informed us the rumor had zero truth to it. When a tabloid lies this much, it’s hard to believe anything it prints.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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