Jennifer Garner ‘Setting Aside Her Love Life’ After Breakup?

Is Jennifer Garner putting her love life on the back burner to focus on her career? That’s the story one tabloid was pushing earlier this year. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jennifer Garner ‘Setting Her Sights’ On Producing Career?

Last April, OK! reported Jennifer Garner is focusing all of her energy into “becoming a power player in Hollywood,” even if it’s at the cost of her love life. According to the tabloid’s inside source, “Jen wants to move beyond acting and do more work behind the camera,” adding, “She realizes a lot of actresses in her generation, like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, are much further along with their producing careers. So, she’s willing to set aside her love life to really make a go at it.”

According to the tabloid’s story, Garner split from her boyfriend John Miller last summer after dating for two years, and she “is so focused on this next chapter that she hasn’t dated anyone since,” the source explains. “If she’s going to catch up to Reese and Jen, she knows she has a ton of work to do,” adds the insider. Apparently, Garner has sworn off men until she’s as accomplished as a producer as Witherspoon and Aniston.

Jennifer Garner Decides ‘Love Can Wait’?

So, is it true that Garner is so focused on her career that she’s put aside her dating life? That doesn’t seem to be the case. While it’s totally possible Garner may very well decide to pursue a career behind the camera in the future, it doesn’t seem like she’s putting her personal life aside to do so. On the contrary, Garner has reportedly reunited with her ex John Miller in the time since this article was published, making it clear she still has room in her life for love. Furthermore, Garner has multiple projects in the works, but none of them have her behind the camera just yet.

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And lastly, the tabloid oddly implies that there’s some rivalry between Garner and other actresses who’ve become successful producers like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. Surely, if Garner decided to expand her film career, Witherspoon and Aniston would serve more as inspiration than competition. Their success doesn’t mean Garner is failing at something, despite the tabloid’s offensive implication.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Garner’s Love Life

OK! has been all over the place when it comes to Garner’s dating life. Not long before this article was published, the tabloid claimed Garner was “casting a wide net” in search of a husband. Then the magazine alleged Garner was “getting cozy” with her Yes Day costar Edgar Ramirez. The publication even asserted that she was getting back together with her ex-husband Ben Affleck. Obviously, none of these stories amounted to anything. It’s clear OK! can’t be trusted to stick to the facts when it comes to Jennifer Garner’s love life.

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