Jennifer Garner Goes Surfing Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Jennifer Garner recently hit the beach where she was spotted surfing amidst rumors she’s pregnant with her fourth child. Gossip Cop has looked into the tabloid story that made this claim a month ago. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.

In June, OK! claimed the Alias star was pregnant with her “miracle baby” at the age of 48. According to the tabloid, the actress was seen out in L.A. in May chatting with her group of friends, but contended there was something different about Garner. A supposed eyewitness told the magazine Garner was sporting a supposed baby bump and wasn’t doing anything to disguise it. From there, another unnamed source seemingly confirmed that Garner is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, John Miller.

“Jen and John always said they’d love to welcome a baby together someday but given her age, Jen didn’t think it would be possible,” the dubious insider stated. The so-called source continued, “So when she found she was pregnant, she was shocked in a good way. This is nothing short of a miracle.” The sketchy insider further claimed the actress and her boyfriend were trying to keep the news a secret but did spill the news to certain friends.

The publication also purported due to the alleged happy news, Garner and Miller are in a race to the altar. The tabloid declared the couple has been “secretly” engaged for months and now that they’re expecting, they’ve decided to rush their wedding plans. “Jen’s very traditional. It’s important to her that she’s married before the baby’s born,” the sketchy source added.

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Before we dissect the “wedding” part of the story, let’s clarify if the actress is actually expecting. As Gossip Cop stated, Garner was seen surfing a few days ago with her son, Samuel. From the pictures Gossip Cop discovered that show the Pearl Harbour actress enjoying herself at the beach, she doesn’t appear to look pregnant. In fact, Garner has a flat stomach. From what OK! claimed, the actress was already “sporting a bump” back in May so she would be further along by now if she was expecting. Also, if she was that heavily pregnant, we don’t think she would be surfing either. Our guess that OK! took an unflattering picture of the actress to use as “evidence,” which isn’t surprising.

As far as the actress being “engaged” to Miller, Gossip Cop had already corrected the narrative that Garner was engaged to Miller. Additionally, the actress hasn’t come out herself and stated if she is engaged. Moreover, this wouldn’t be the first time we busted the tabloid for incorrectly stating Jennifer Garner was pregnant with John Miller’s child.

In March 2019, the magazine claimed Garner was expecting a baby with Miller. The article purported the actress was also going to wed Miller after discovering she was with child. Doesn’t this tale sound awfully familiar? Gossip Cop ran the narrative by a source close to the situation who confirmed it wasn’t true.

The tabloid made the same allegation in December 2018, that Garner was expecting a baby with Miller. The unreliable magazine even claimed Garner’s ex-husband congratulated her on the supposed pregnancy. None of it was true. Gossip Cop dismissed the phony report when it came out, just as we are doing with this.

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