Jennifer Aniston Secretly Dating Jason Sudeikis, John Mayer, And Gerard Butler At The Same Time?

Is Jennifer Aniston torn between three different men? A tabloid claims that the actress has been busy playing the field but now must make a difficult decision. We’re investigating the tale.

Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis, Or John Mayer?

In a report by Life & Style, the magazine purports that Jennifer Aniston’s found herself “dipping” into a pool of exes and friends to satisfy her needs. According to an insider, the actress is quietly dating longtime friend Jason Sudeikis and former partners Gerard Butler and John Mayer. “Jen went from getting over her second divorce to rekindling a romance with ex-husband Brad Pitt last year to now having to decide between three guys who all want to make her their girl,” the unnamed insider says.

The source continues, saying that Aniston is having a hard time deciding between the three men and things have become more complicated. “It’s such a mess. She’s falling in love with all of them,” the informant discloses. “Between the secret dinners, expensive gifts, and sleepovers, it’s been a juggling act for her.” The anonymous source then details Aniston’s supposed relationship with each man.

Jennifer Aniston’s Difficult Choice

The unnamed insider purports that after Sudeikis split from Olivia Wilde, he “reached out to Jen, just as a friend, but it turned flirty pretty quickly,” the tipster says, adding that the two “always had a thing for each other but one of them was always with someone else.” In regards to Butler, the source insists that Aniston is also torn over the actor, “even though he has that rugged kind of sex appeal she’s always been attracted to.”

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Then there’s Mayer, and the tabloid asserts that Aniston “knows she should run, but she’s got this connection to John that she just can’t quit.” According to the insider, “He’s doing all the right things to win her back. He’s giving her a pricey bracelet engraved with a heartfelt message. He’s also written her a couple of songs which blows her away.” The outlet also reveals that all of them are apparently aware of one another, but one is growing impatient.

The insider claims that it’s actually Mayer that’s pressuring the actress to chose by moving to make their relationship public. “If she doesn’t handle this well,” the source concludes, “it could all blow up in her face, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt anyone’s feelings. But she needs to decide what and who she wants and soon.”

The Tabloids Continue To Lie About Jennifer Aniston’s Love Life

Gossip Cop is dismissing this false tale. Jennifer Aniston isn’t torn between these three men because she isn’t dating any of them. A rep for the actress denied the report. Additionally, Gossip Cop just corrected a separate story that alleged that Aniston was secretly dating Jason Sudeikis. Plus, the tabloid has been less than trustworthy in the past when it comes to Aniston and her love life.

Earlier this year, the magazine alleged that Aniston reunited with Brad Pitt and the two were looking to adopt a baby girl together. Obviously, the publication doesn’t have a problem creating lies about the actress’ personal life. Gossip Cop busted the bogus report at the time.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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