Jennifer Aniston Has Major Love For ‘Mindblowing’ App ‘The Pattern’

Jennifer Aniston is the latest celebrity raving about the “mindblowing” app The Pattern. In a recent Vogue interview, Aniston couldn’t help but note how “freaky” the accuracy of her reading was, and she’s definitely not the only star who can’t get over just how well this astrology app can read her. 

What Is The Pattern And Why Can’t Celebrities Stop Singing Its Praises?

The Pattern was developed by Lisa Donovan after a friend introduced her to a European astrologer who gave her a reading that totally broke down her personality. Wishing to give that experience to others, Donovan created The Pattern. 

While there are plenty of other astrology apps and websites out there, The Pattern takes the hocus-pocus common in astrology readings out of the equation to give users an almost scientific breakdown of their personalities and emotional cycles, past, present, and future. The app also sends users custom daily updates with details about their inner self, relationships, and the world at large. If you want to know more about the app, check out this link for our in-depth look.

Jennifer Aniston Finds The Pattern Accuracy ‘Freaky’ 

In a recent interview with Vogue, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston admitted to being quite attached to the app. “I don’t look at my phone for at least the first hour after waking up,” Aniston explained, adding that the “mental difference this makes impacts the whole day.” 

Texts and emails get answered later in the day after Aniston enjoys her morning, but there’s one app in particular that tempts Aniston into breaking her no-phone in the morning rule. “Ugh, the Pattern app! It’s freaky. I don’t know who’s in there determining all of that, but it is mindblowing,” the actress exclaimed. She’s not the only celebrity who’s freaked out about just how well this app can read her. 

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Which Other Celebrities Have Turned To The Pattern?

Channing Tatum had an epic freak out back in 2019 on Instagram after he apparently received an eerily accurate reading on the Pattern. “How do you know what you know about me, Pattern? You need to DM me right now and tell me how you know this stuff,” the dumbfounded Magic Mike star demanded. 

Former Bachelor stars Colton Underwood and Cassie Rudolph echoed his sentiments in a 2019 Vulture interview. It’s a bit funny now to go back and see Underwood’s reaction to the insightful reading, especially now that we know he’d been struggling with his sexuality for years before he came out as gay earlier this year. Underwood called the app “eerily accurate,” while his then-girlfriend added in a half-joking manner, “I think it listens to you.” 

How else could this app seem to know everything about it’s users? Whether you’re a believer in astrology or not, it’s hard not to be curious about an app that so many people, including quite a few famous celebrities, are raving about. How well do you really know yourself? The Pattern might have an answer for you. 

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