Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Caught Kissing On Set?

Despite being split up for nearly two decades now, tabloids haven’t stopped beating the drum of romance for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. One outlet reports that the two were “caught kissing.” Gossip Cop investigates.

(New Idea)

‘Brad And Jen Caught Kissing!’

In its cover story, New Idea says that Aniston and Pitt “are inseparable.” Insiders snitch that the two are reuniting for some projects, and “they’re so close that Brad… is regularly spied hanging out in Jen’s trailer.” Pitt is working on Bullet Train while Aniston is working on The Morning Show, and the two “requested to be close together” on the Sony lot.

Aniston recently shared a photo on Instagram “of herself in a trailer, with a mystery man lying on the floor behind her. Many of her followers guessed it was Brad as he had on a watch similar to one the actor wears.” The cover also says the two had been “caught kissing.”

With Aniston’s birthday coming up, a close friend says “Brad has created a beautiful sculpture of a tortured couple wearing blindfolds — in a nod to the blind date in which they first met and fell in love.” This gesture will give them “real closure and a new beginning.”

Where’s The Kissing?

This is an extremely misleading story that’s bogus on nearly every level. For one thing, the story itself has no information about the two allegedly kissing. The cover shows a photo of Pitt kissing a brunette, but the story itself clarifies that the photo, from 2010, is of Pitt kissing Angelina Jolie. This is a brazen bait-and-switch from a tabloid already notorious for them.

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Let’s review real quick: The tabloid said that Pitt and Aniston had been “caught kissing,” then printed a photo of Pitt kissing Jolie in 2010. This was all done strictly to mislead readers and try to dupe them into buying an admittedly phony story. As we’ve said too many times to count, Pitt and Aniston are not dating.

What’s Up With The Guy?

You can judge for yourself if you think the man in Aniston’s Instagram story is actually her ex-husband, but Gossip Cop thinks the tabloid is reaching. Its only proof is that both Pitt and Aniston are working on different projects simultaneously — duh, they’re professional actors — and that Pitt owns a similar kind of watch. It’s far more likely to be an assistant or producer, especially given the strict coronavirus protocols on set. New Idea will have to do a lot better than similar looking watches before we’re ready to trust them.

Other Bogus Pitt And Aniston stories

This is the same tabloid that once claimed that Aniston was quitting acting and had narrowly escaped a sex cult. Neither story was remotely accurate. Last year, it reported that Pitt and Aniston were going to get married in France, and six months later said that Pitt was buying Aniston an island. None of this ever happened, nor was it ever mentioned again.

These wild stories should tell you one thing: This tabloid cannot be trusted with stories about Aniston and Pitt. The man in that Instagram photo is likely someone who works on The Morning Show, otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be allowed on set during COVID-19. This story is still extremely misleading, so Gossip Cop is debunking it.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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