Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Are ‘Friends With Occasional Benefits’ After ‘Rekindling’ Their Relationship?

Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt friends with benefits? After the Friends actress went on The Howard Stern Show and mentioned that she and Pitt were “buddies,” one tabloid reports that the former spouses may be having some fun together. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Friends With Benefits?’

Pitt and Aniston may have divorced in 2005, but Us Weekly claims they have a mutually beneficial relationship. “They have a ‘friends with occasional benefit’s situation going, which is kind of an open secret among their pals,” an unnamed insider spills to the outlet, noting it wasn’t likely the two would go public with the information. “But that’s not something they’d be willing to share. Plus, they’d hate to push things too far or put too many expectations on each other.”

The insider swore that the secrecy was to preserve their relationship. “Their friendship means so much to them,” and letting the public in on their new situation could threaten that. While that insider maintains that the exes are happy with the hookup situation, “there’s always the possibility of a kindled romance down the line, but for now, it’s an under the radar deal between two very private and quite shy individuals,” they conclude.

Gossip Cop’s Take

Despite a chatty unnamed source who stays vague and mum on specific details, this article is most likely false. If Pitt and Aniston are together as friends or just having a roll in the hay once in a while, it’s their business and will tell the world if and when they are ready. The tabloid doesn’t know any better than anyone else and if they do, it would be creepy and a complete violation of privacy. 

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Jennifer Aniston’s Howard Stern interview, which the outlet used to spin this story, was very clear about where she and Pitt stand relationship-wise. “Brad and I are buddies, we’re friends,” she told the shock jock.  “We speak, and there’s no oddness at all.” The tabloid seems desperate to make her amicable relationship with an ex-husband into something more than it is, which matches up the outlet’s past reporting on the former couple.

Gossip Cop has busted Us Weekly in the past for its false stories. In 2017, it claimed that Pitt and now ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s divorce was called off, making it seem like the couple could reconcile. Another article from 2020 reported that Aniston was writing a tell-all memoir about her love life. This past March, the publication claimed that Aniston and Pitt were planning a new project together because the exes were filming on the same studio lot. Gossip Cop busted each story, and as a result, we can’t find much reason to trust this latest report.

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