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Japanese football has made significant progress over the past few years, and it has become the strongest corps in Asia. Their strength is inseparable from the contributions of the European players. The latest statistics show that the number of Japanese players in Europe today has reached a staggering 451.

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Recently, several Japanese players have joined the top teams in the mainstream European leagues. For example, the 22-year-old Japanese high center Hara Daichi joined Alaves, and the 22-year-old central defender Yoki Ito joined Stuttgart. According to statistics from Germany”s “Transfer Market”, as of the early morning of June 25, the number of Japanese players in Europe has reached 451, of which the number of Japanese players in the German league is the largest, reaching 250.

This is not all the Japanese players playing overseas. If you count the players playing in South America and North America, the number of Japanese players playing overseas will exceed 500. This is Japanese football. Many of their players go to countries with better football environments to play and learn. With this kind of selection, how can Japanese football not be strong.

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Take a look at the famous players in active service in Japan-Takumi floorballcoach.organo (Liverpool), Hideo Hisakoshi (Real Madrid), Yoshiki Muto (Eval), Yuya Osaki (Blemish Bundesliga), Shinji Okazaki (Huesca) . These people have already made a name for themselves in Europe.

It is with such strength that Japanese football has achieved great success in the past ten years. Japan”s best result in the World Cup was the top 16 and they reached the top 16 in the World Cup in 2010 and 2018. In the Asian Cup, the 2011 Asian Cup, Japan Road reached the final and won the championship. By the 2015 Asian Cup, Japan reached the top 8. In the 2019 Asian Cup, Japan Road won the runner-up.

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It is impossible for Chinese fans not to envy it when Japanese football has achieved such results. In contrast to the current Chinese football, there are few overseas players, and only Wu Lei is well-known. But the uncomfortable reality is that Wu Lei is only a substitute for the Espanyol, and it is even difficult to get playing time. Don”t forget, the Spaniards played in the second league in the past season.

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