James Corden Threatening To Quit ‘Late Late Show,’ Flee Back To UK Over ‘Ellen Show’ Snub?

Is James Corden threatening to leave the Late Late Show and the United States entirely if he doesn’t get a raise? That’s what one tabloid was reporting not long ago. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumor.

James Corden ‘Seeing Green’?

A recent edition of OK! reports that James Corden was “upset” he wasn’t asked to take over Ellen DeGeneres’ time slot, and he’s demanding CBS pay up. While Kelly Clarkson has been named as the successor to DeGeneres’ golden daytime slot, Corden is still in the channel’s latest national slot. The tabloid purports Corden is asking for a raise, and if he doesn’t get it, it’s bye-bye CBS! An inside source explains that Corden is “weighing his options.”

The source adds, “He figures he’s been doing this longer than Kelly and has a huge fanbase and wants his next deal to reflect that financially.” Corden is no doubt an asset, raking in $5 million a year and an extra $9 million for hosting awards shows, the magazine notes. The source insists Corden has “made his case,” and it’s out of his hands! The insider adds, “His contract is up next August, and his bosses must know he’s been mulling a move back to the UK, but he’ll settle for staying put if he can make more and work less.”

James Corden Looking For ‘Greener Pastures’?

So, is it true Corden was seething at being passed over for DeGeneres’ time slot? That simply doesn’t make any sense. Clarkson was chosen for the time slot presumably because she would play well to DeGeneres’ current audience. Clarkson hosts a daytime talk show not too unlike DeGeneres’. Corden draws a late-night crowd, so it’s unclear why Corden would be upset about not taking over DeGeneres’ slot.

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Furthermore, Corden is definitely considering a move back to the UK, but not because he’s getting passed over for career opportunities. Corden admitted that raising three kids in pandemic times severed from his family in the UK has made him seriously reconsider his living situation. Corden told The Sun…

“I have a couple of years to go on this contract. Ending the show will always be a bigger family decision than a professional one. It will be about the people at home who we miss very, very much, who we are homesick for. I also feel like my wife and I have three young children, and they are three young grandchildren that we’ve taken away from people. This probably feels magnified now during the pandemic, but I have an overwhelming feeling that our family has walked to the beat of my drum for a very long time.”

So, there it is. Corden would not be leaving for financial reasons, rather, it’d be personal reasons motivating him to make the move. Clearly, the outlet conflated one part of this story to make it seem like there was some network drama. That isn’t the case at all, and the magazine aimed to mislead its readers.

The Tabloid On Kelly Clarkson

Speaking of Kelly Clarkson, OK! has proved untrustworthy on the daytime host time and again. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Clarkson was living an unhealthy lifestyle amid her divorce. More recently, the publication alleged Clarkson was celebrating her new time slot with a slew of plastic surgeries. Obviously, the tabloid can’t be trusted to report on Clarkson, so we doubt it’s doing any better with Corden.

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