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Timberwolves Basketball Academy and J Robinson Intensive Camps Announce Partnership

Organizations Collaborate to Offer New Intensive Basketball Camps

floorballcoach.org/ST. PAUL – Today the Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Academy and J Robinson Intensive Camps announced a new partnership that includes hosting an intensive basketball camp in 2015. The new camp will follow the principles and model of the nationally-recognized J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camps that challenge participants to grow as individuals as well as athletes.

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“We look forward to bringing the proven success of the J Robinson Intensive Camps over to the sport of basketball,” said Jeff Munneke, Timberwolves Vice President of Fan Experience and Community Basketball. “Our partnership brings together the expertise and resources of two major sports brands. I look forward to seeing first-hand the lasting results and positive impact this program will bring to the lives of young players.”

The multi-faceted training plan specializes in complete athlete development through intense workouts and personal maturation. Participants are put in a highly concentrated and very structured environment that requires them to focus on doing more each and every day. Over the course of the 21-day camp, participants will be lead through challenges to develop their skills in discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, accountability, and service.

As head coach of a top-ranked wrestling program in the country, University of Minnesota’s J Robinson brings his 35+ years of experience to create a training program that teaches leadership and character building skills to help young athletes succeed in many other areas outside of sports. Since 1978, J Robinson and his staff have provided this unparalleled, life-changing experience for thousands of wrestlers across the nation each summer.

“We are excited to partner with the Minnesota Timberwolves and bring our time-tested and proven training system to basketball. Our philosophy is unique in that we change an athletes” concept of training and their perception of life,” said Robinson. “Parents and coaches will be surprised to see the life changing impact our 21 day camp model will have on their kids. I”ve been lucky to be immersed in intensive training of athletes for the past 36 years and look forward to the unlimited potential this partnership can have on a basketball player”s development.”

Bill Rodgers, executive director for J Robinson Camps is in the process of securing facilities in the Twin Cities area for a 21-day camp in the summer of 2015.

“By waiting to host the camp in 2015, it gives us enough lead time to secure the right facilities. Our goal is to partner with a local college or university that wants to build a lasting product and draw prospective student-athletes to their campus,” said Rodgers.

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The camp will fall in a 21-day window between July 1 and August 7, 2015. Information on the Timberwolves/J Robinson Intensive Basketball Camp can be found at www.intensivebasketballcamps.com.

About the Timberwolves Basketball Academy

The Timberwolves Basketball Academy brings the excitement of the NBA to the community on a personal level. Its goal is to expand the game of basketball one youth at a time. The Academy strives to teach the fundamentals of basketball to all age ranges and skill levels. From basic ball handling drills to intense workouts, each Academy camp, clinic and training session aims to improve in-game skills and build athletes’ character on and off of the court. For more information, visit www.timberwolvesbasketballacademy.com.

About J Robinson Intensive Camps

Since 1978, J Robinson Intensive Camps represents the standard of excellence in athletic training. Founded by J Robinson, current University of Minnesota Head Wrestling Coach, JRIC is the original intensive wrestling camp leader, having trained over 30,000 young adults in athletic and life skills. The core philosophy of JRIC resides in the J7: Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service.

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J Robinson Intensive Camps offer a variety of training models held every summer with ten camps in seven different states. For more information, please call 888.333.6585 or visit www.jrobinsoncamps.com. J ROBINSON INTENSIVE CAMPS – THE CHANGE IS FOREVER.

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