Is the super bowl field real grass

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee

(GDA) — The grass that will be offered as the playing area for Super Bowl LV in Florida was actually grown in Georgia. Turfgrass varieties such as the game’s Bermuda are developed by the University of Georgia and have actually been provided for many kind of events including the World Cup and Super Bowl.

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“Tifway 419, bred and grown in Georgia, is a benchnote product of the College of Georgia’s world-class turfgrass breeding program,” sassist Laura Perry Johnboy, associate dean for University of Georgia Cooperative Exanxiety. “UGA turf ranges perform well growing on footround fields and also fairways, front lawns and backyards. We are proud to add to Super Bowl LV and look forward to seeing this vibrant bermudagrass range on the playing area Sunday.”

The 419 Turf Program has a three-place framework enhancement job that was funded by the 2014 Georgia Legislature that is situated at the Tifton Campus, Griffin Campus, and also Athens Campus.

“The procedure of flourishing Tifmeans 419 Bermuda Grass has been roughly because the 1950s but due to the substantial research study and administration offered by the University of Georgia’s 419 Turf Program, we can now carry out research study on exactly how to arrangement and plant beautiful Bermuda grass for framework national wide,” said Dr. Clint Waltz, Turfgrass Exstress and anxiety Specialist at the College of Georgia College of Agrisocial and also Environpsychological Science.

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The 18-month old Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass being offered for the game is the the majority of favorable turf for sports areas bereason it is very resilient and safe for the players to play on. Turfgrass and associated sectors have had an estimated $8 billion contribution to Georgia’s economic climate each year.

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 “Our regime provides study that manperiods pests, fertilization, and also nourishment to produce the finest high quality of sod,” Waltz continued. “Our biggest mission at the College of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and also Environpsychological Sciences 419 Turf Program is to proceed educating and training to allow sources to stay viable as possible and have the billion-dollar market to reprimary sustainable.”

Super Bowl LV will certainly air Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. and will be played at the Raymond James Stadium situated in Tampa, Florida.

Source: Georgia Department of Agriculture

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