Is Martha Stewart Seriously Hitting Up Snoop Dogg For Dates? Several Rumors Say Yes

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are famously friends, but are they close enough to find Stewart a soulmate together? According to a few rumors floating around, Stewart has been asking the legendary rapper to set her up with her beau. Here’s what’s going on.

Martha Stewart: Single, But Ready To Mingle?

In what it calls an “Enquirer Exclusive,” the National Enquirer says that “man-hungry” Martha Stewart is begging rapper pal Snoop Dogg “to help sniff out a man for her” to date, especially after she posted a “sensuous” selfie on her Instagram. “Martha wanted the world to know she’s single,” an unnamed insider reveals. “And now she’s asking her pal to round up a posse of potential partners!”

Of course, the Enquirer asserts, the Doggfather has his work cut out for him considering Stewart’s snapshot. “She’s on the hunt for a companion for her final years,” the snitch shares, “and that photo made it a lot easier!”


Likewise, OK! reports that “Snoop Dogg [Is] Setting Up Martha!” in a similar piece of gossip. Calling her “single and ready to mingle,” the outlet says that she’s “upping her efforts to find a sexy new suitor,” and she’s asking Snoop for help. “Martha’s told Snoop she wants someone who’s genuine, handsome, and likes to have fun, so he’s been carefully going through his list of friends and figuring out who’d be best for her,” another anonymous source reports. He’s reportedly more than happy to assist Stewart on her soulmate search. “He truly believes Martha’s a great catch, so he wants to get this right for her,” the snitch says. “And Martha’s counting on him not to let her down.”

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Snoop Dogg The Matchmaker?

We’ll give these stories credit for being creative and believable. Stewart is single, and she and Snoop are legitimately pals. But these “insider” quotes and narratives just don’t add up to us. For one, Stewart wasn’t trying to lure in suitors with her Instagram selfie, even if she did get a dozen or so proposals from lovestruck fans. As she told Parade, she just thought she looked good at the moment. “I was trying to take a picture of a beautiful plant in a pot at the end of the pool and my camera was on reverse,” she told the magazine. “I was in selfie mode and I looked up and I looked nice. The light was so perfect, and I thought, Oh, this is pretty good. I posted it and the rest is, you know, viral!”


Plus, it’s absolutely silly to talk about Martha Stewart as though she was looking to settle down and be content with a new man. As she’s said before, she’s still a very busy woman, and when she was asked about her dating life a few years back, all she said was, “I don’t have that much time for casual dating.” Like we said, it’s totally possible for her to have asked friends to set her up with someone, but if all we have to go on is vague insider quotes that don’t even mesh with things Stewart’s said publicly, we’re not sold.

Tabloid Talk Is Terribly Untrue

After all, the Enquirer has an awful track record with stuff like this. The tabloid was one of several to come up with sketchy narratives about how seriously Zac Efron wanted to date. It even had some made-up insiders in a bogus story about Ree Drummond, otherwise known as the Pioneer Woman, taking over wedding planning for her daughter. Unsurprisingly, OK! is just as bad, falsely promising an inside look into Cindy Crawford’s home life, as well as an untrue story about Chip and Joanna Gaines having personal problems over money. Essentially, when it comes to personal matters or insight, these tabloids just don’t have the sources to be believable.

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