Is Ariel Winter Pregnant?

Is Ariel Winter pregnant? That’s the theory put forth in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth.

A headline in NW exclaims, “Ariel Winter’s Baby Shock: Pregnant At 20?!” Speculating that the actress has a “hint of a tell-tale bump,” the magazine claims Winter has “sparked buzz” that she and boyfriend Levi Meaden are “expecting.” The outlet has no confirmation that she’s actually pregnant, but maintains that “falling pregnant is something” she and Meaden “want to happen ASAP.”

“Ariel has had babies on the brain for a while now. She’s very mature for her age and feels ready to be a mum,” a so-called “close friend” is quoted as saying. It should be noted that it is highly unlikely a “close friend” of the California born-and-raised Winter would refer to her as a “mum,” as opposed to a “mom.” There is further reason to question how “close” this purported pal really is, when he or see goes on to assert, “She’s glowing and so in love and has been acting happy and excited lately, which has everyone thinking she could possibly be pregnant.”

An actual “close friend” of Winter’s would know whether she’s pregnant or not, instead of just “thinking” she may “possibly be.” It’s also ridiculous to suggest that the only reason the “Modern Family” star might be glowing, in love, happy and excited is due to a pregnancy. And instead of providing actual proof that Winter is currently expecting, the untraceable source only offers what are ultimately meaningless statements, like, “Ariel would like to start a family young.” That also isn’t evidence of a pregnancy.

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Additionally, while it’s claimed she may have a “baby bump,” photos of Winter baring her midriff last week show she has no “bump” at all. That was also evident when Winter went to the gym in late July, wearing a sports bra and tight leggings that left her midsection exposed. Winter has openly discussed the body shaming she’s endured for not being as thin as some other stars. It seems the publication is twisting her curves into a sign of a nonexistent pregnancy.

In fact, a rep for Winter laughed off this story when Gossip Cop inquired about the possibility of Winter expecting. And the star herself is even mocking the article. When a fan on Twitter sent Winter an image of the page with its big “baby bump” designation, she cracked in reply, “[Expletive] pulled pork sandwiches.”

Conclusion: NW theorizes Winter is pregnant and sporting a blossoming belly, but recent photos of the actress show her stomach is flat. Furthermore, as opposed to relying on a single anonymous “insider,” both Winter herself and her spokesperson are on the record confirming she isn’t expecting.

On top of making judgments about her appearance, this narrative continues a trend of tabloids rushing the star along. This time last year, OK! falsely announced Winter was ready to have a baby with Meaden. Then in September, the magazine’s sister site, RadarOnline, wrongly claimed Winter was “begging” her boyfriend to get her pregnant “ASAP.” It still hasn’t happened, despite this latest tale from NW.

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Ariel Winter is pregnant.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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