Is Ally’s Character Based On His Real-Life Ex?

People are loving rapper Lil Dicky in Dave, the FXX comedy series loosely based on his life. But is his on-screen romance an accurate reflection of his real dating history? Many viewers speculate that Lil Dicky’s girlfriend on the series, Ally, is inspired by his actual ex-girlfriend Molly. We did a deep dive into his life to compare and contrast his fictional and real exes. Find out how authentic Ally’s character is, and whether or not Lil Dicky ever moved on to a new girlfriend.

Lil Dicky Is The Star Of The FXX Series “Dave”

Dave is a semi-fictional TV series based on the life of Lil Dicky, aka Dave Burd. The series follows him on his journey from neurotic suburban millennial to one of the best rappers in the game.

He’s as confident in the series as he is in his rap skills—and for good reason. Dave debuted on FXX on March 4, 2020, and quickly became the network’s most popular comedy in history. A second season is set to debut on June 16, and Burd has no doubt that it will exceed expectations.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, season two is going to [expletive] on season one,” he told Deadline in April. “Every show gets better with time, for the most part, last season I lacked certainty with what we were doing half the time, I was praying that I was making the show I wanted to make and I did it, but now I’m honing in more and more and have more of an idea of what I want and I think we have a really good plan in place from a script perspective this season.”

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Burd’s on-screen version of himself has to contend with friends and family, many of whom have doubts about his potential as a rapper. One of those skeptics—both on-screen and in real life—was his girlfriend.

Lil Dicky Has A Girlfriend On The Show Named Ally

Burd’s girlfriend on Dave is Ally, a kindergarten teacher who loves her boyfriend but has her doubts about his Lil Dicky persona. The role is played by actress Taylor Misiak. Last year, the 29-year-old told AfterBuzz TV that she had her eye on the part from the get-go.

“A couple of years ago we shot a music video called ‘Pillow Talking,’” she explained. “And on set… he told me he wanted to make a show about his life. I said, ‘Please let me audition for it when I get the chance.’”

Misiak auditioned for six weeks before she secured her spot on the series. She added that couples who work in different fields would find her character relatable.

“Ally is ambitious and confident and intelligent,” said Misiak. “And to be trying to support this person who is working in hip-hop… this is a different language. This is a whole different world.”

Lil Dicky Had An Ex-Girlfriend In Real Life Named Molly

In 2015, Lil Dicky released the song “Molly.” The music video follows Burd as he gets gussied up for his girlfriend Molly’s wedding—only she’s walking down the aisle for another man.

The rapper laments having to choose between love and ambition, spitting lyrics like, “Wanting you back / But when the fact is I always put you second to rap / I’m not mad that you wouldn’t come / And even though I had to move, I ain’t move on / Really wish you was a boo I could prove wrong.”

Check out the video for a taste of Lil Dicky’s emo side:

No one knows Molly’s true name or identity, but in a 2016 Reddit Ask Me Anything, Lil Dicky confirms that she’s a real person. When someone asked how hard it was to put his career before his woman, he wrote:

“It really wasn’t that difficult of a decision because I knew what had to be done. I knew that I had to pursue my dreams before anything. Going for music wasn’t something that I regret and it wasn’t something that I debated really. Me and Molly aren’t going to get married at this point, but even if it was my absolute soul mate, at the time I don’t think I would’ve been able to put her in front of me accomplishing my dreams.

So the decision wasn’t the difficult part. It was living with the realities of the outcome.”

Is Ally’s Character Based Off His Relationship With Molly?

In a June 2020 virtual panel with Deadline, Burd said that Ally and Molly aren’t necessarily one and the same.

“In my real life, in the beginning of my rap career, I had a girlfriend…” he said. “And I wouldn’t say the character Ally was necessarily based on my girlfriend. But I definitely wanted in Season 1 for my character to begin with a girlfriend, because its a place that I can relate to… there were so many instances of where it’s hard to have my career go one way and have my relationship go the same way. They kind of clawed at each other.”

However, it’s hard to ignore the similarities between his on-screen relationship and the story he tells in the track “Molly.” After all, both women broke up with Lil Dicky as he relocated to pursue a far-fetched dream. Since it’s been years since the rapper split with his real-life ex, we’re curious to see where the series takes Ally in the second season.

Is Lil Dicky Dating Anyone Currently?

As far as we know, Burd remains single. Perhaps he’s still serious about putting his career ahead of romantic relationships. That said, we hope to see him linked to someone sooner than later—we imagine it will make for another interesting song or storyline.

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