Ink Master Fans Are Picking A Previous Contestant To Replace Oliver Peck As Judge

Oliver Peck can currently be seen in the ongoing season 13 of Ink Master, but he won’t be around for season 14. Peck and the show parted ways earlier this year after a series of racist photos featuring the tattoo artist emerged. So, who should replace Peck next season?

The dedicated fans of Ink Master have quite a few ideas of their own, though some comments on social media have gotten very misogynistic and, frankly, a little ugly. There are five current front-runners for the job amongst fans.

Kelly Doty

Known for her colorful and slightly odd, horror-movie-like characters, Doty has been a fan favorite since she first appeared as a contestant in season 8. She ultimately finished in third behind winner Ryan Ashley. Kelly Doty appeared on the spin off Ink Master: Angels, which focused on four female contestants from the show facing off with fellow tattoo artists around the country.

She’s a very popular choice among fans, although some of the more misogynistic fans on social media have been somewhat demeaning not only of Doty, but any female choice.

One poster on the Ink Master subreddit even called women “too emotional.” It’s unclear where he found a computer in the 1950s, but somehow he must have.

Tommy Helm

It seems Helm is the odds-on favorite to be the next judge on Ink Master. Helm has been one of the most popular artists on the show ever since the New Yorker first appeared way back in season 1. Tommy Helm also starred on the brief three-season run of the popular Tattoo Nightmares, where Helm and other inkers fixed terrible tattoos.

His distinct style evolved in the years after Helm graduated from the Fashion Institute of New York. Featuring bold colors and intricate detail, it’s easy to see why he’s a favorite among fans of the show and his clients.

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DJ Tampe

Part of the winning duo from Old Town Ink in season 9 of Ink Master, DJ Tampe is another popular choice among fans. Along with season 7 runner-up Cleen Rock One, Tampe was one of the judges of Ink Master: Grudge Match.

Cleen Rock One

James “Cleen Rock One” Steinke is another popular pick by fans guessing the next judge. Cleen has competed as a contestant on the show three times, twice finishing just short of winning and once getting eliminated early. Cleen also won the competition as a mentor in season 11. He is somewhat polarizing among fans, drawing everything from high praise to vicious vitriol. It seems no one is wishy-washy on the artist; they love him or they hate him.

Ryan Ashley

Like Kelly Doty, Ryan Ashley is a very popular choice for the first female judge. She also appeared on Ink Master: Angels. Ashley recently announced that she was pregnant with her first child, which might make it a long shot for her to become the next judge. She was the first female to win the show as a contestant back in season 8.

It’s unclear when the show will announce Peck’s replacement, so we’ll all have to just wait and see!

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