Indoor Soccer Strategy 5V5, Attacking Strategy For 5V5 And 7V7


The 2-0-2 formation, sometimes known as ‘the box’, essentially splits all four players in your team into the two simple areas of responsibility: defense and attack. It is simple, clear and can help develop good defensive and attacking pairings.

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Although two players are encouraged to push forward and two to stay back, these roles are going to need to be fairly flexible as the attackers will need to help the defense and vice-versa. Most teams attack and defend in numbers of at least three.

Pros:+Gives balance between attacking and defending.+ Should ensure that the defense and the attack has at least some support at all times.

Cons:– Can be defensively weak if defenders join the attack and attackers are unwilling to get back and defend.– It can be unclear which of the attackers should support the defense and which defender should support the attack if the team is inexperienced in playing together or communication is poor.

The Pyramid


This formation provides balance between defense and attack, whilst also maintaining an outright striker (or pivot) and a player to stay at the back (orlast man). The two midfield players are expected to support both the defense and the attack, which can help the team adapt the formation to what is needed most at any moment in time.

Pros:+ Can help provide discipline and responsibility. There is clearly one player with the main defensive responsibility and one with the main attacking responsibility.+ Two midfielders are able to support both attack and defense, allowing either to burst forward to join the attack with the other sitting back.

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Cons:– Players naturally seem to prefer attacking to defending – if both midfield players focus too much on attack this will leave the defense badly exposed. It requires these players to be disciplined.– The two midfield players need to be fit, mobile, and especially able to develop a good partnership (e.g. to know when to sit-back and defend if the other goes forward).

The Y


This formation is one for the risk takers! If you’re going to play like this all the time you’ve got to make sure that you score a lot of goals, because by keeping two players in attack you’re going to concede a fair few unless the other team is a lot weaker.

If you are playing against a tough team then this formation could leave you exposed.

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Pros:+ Useful for playing against weaker teams or when goals are required.+ One player at the back as last man, should mean confusion-free responsibility for defending.+ Better if played with a high pressing game.

Cons:– Needs a lot of adaptation for defending against good quality opposition. You will nearly always be required to defend with at least three players, so consider transitioning into a diamond or a pyramid when you don’t have the ball.– If the attackers are not committed to getting back when on the defense and won’t play the pressing game then this will leave your team badly exposed.

Don’t make your formation too rigid

Choosing any of the above formations is a good start but if you apply it too rigidly then it probably isn’t going to work well.

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floorballcoach.org is a fast paced game and players ideally should be comfortable in filling in any role at any time – for instance, if your most defensive player goes forward then somebody else is going to have to cover for them. It’s the same if your striker is up against a defender who is comfortable running forward with the ball; then your striker might have to track him all the way back to the edge of your own area.

Picking a formation should give you a rough idea of where each player should play and help everyone understand their responsibility on the pitch, but it shouldn’t be something that teams should obsess over. If a player gets dragged out of position then that might be fine, depending on the circumstances. The idea of the formation isn’t to put a straitjacket on the shape of the team, it’s just to give a basic structure, focus and balance to the play.

Advanced Tactics – Blend these formations

A lot of the good teams will tell you that they play two formations, one in defense and another in attack. Some teams very successfully use a 3-0-1 in defense but then consider themselves to be using a 1-1-2 formation in attack.

It can be very useful to think about your formation in these terms as it gives a dynamic system that can be hard for the opposition to follow. Our advice is to experiment with formations in general. See what works for you and if it helps to think in terms of using a different formation for defense and attack.

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Share your own ideas

There is so much to think about when it comes to floorballcoach.org tactics and formations. What seems like a simple game, can actually be very complex when you start to think about it. There’s already some great discussion below but can you add to it, sharing with the floorballcoach.org community any of the following:

What formation works for you and your team?Which formation is most difficult for your team to play against?What extra tips and tactics help you and your team get a winning edge?

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