How Daniel Craig Became The Fittest James Bond Ever In His 50s

For over a decade, Daniel Craig has portrayed the inextricably suave character of James Bond, and he’s put himself through tough physical preparation in order to be able to pull it all off. Each film in the franchise requires something different out of Craig, and his latest Bond flick, No Time To Die, is no different. The 52-year-old British actor even has a specific diet to keep him in tip top shape for filming.

Daniel Craig’s Insane Prep For ‘No Time To Die’

The preparation for No Time To Die began a year before Daniel Craig even stepped on set. Craig worked out like a fiend in order to attain the seemingly perfect build of his character. Simon Waterson, a personal trainer who’s worked with stars like Chris Pratt and Donald Glover in the past, gave GQ UK the cold truth about how to achieve the same look.

If you want to look like these people, your life is basically over. You’ll look great but you’ll feel terrible. That’s a hard message to give to people.

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Naturally, Craig had to keep nutrition in mind during his grueling workouts that pushed his body to the limits. Once filming began, Craig and Waterson would spend 30-40 minutes stretching. About 10 minutes or so before Craig was due on set, Waterson would instruct the chef to begin preparing the star’s breakfast: poached eggs and rye bread with avocado and kimchi. To wash it all down, Craig would also down a shot of turmeric root juice, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and a cup of black coffee.

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The Workouts Continued On Set

Once that was all taken care of, Craig’s real workday began. He endured 10 hours of hard physical work including sprints, fight scenes, and car chases. He’d often have to do several takes of the same action, which is enough to exhaust anyone. James Bond, however, can’t look winded, so Craig would have to perform each stunt as if it was his first time, even if it was his fifth.

As sometimes happens, Craig injured himself on set, though his trainer said that he’d pushed through the pain and continued working out even with an injured ankle. “I am constantly impressed with him and his mentality,” Waterson recalled. The tabloids have been less generous about the injury.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, both in black, arrive at a Golden Globes after party

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NW insisted that an injured Craig was driving his wife, Rachel Weisz, nuts by ordering her around and not doing anything for himself. The tabloid claimed that as a result, the couple were having marital problems. Gossip Cop proved the claim had no merit, and the pair’s continued marital bliss proves our judgement was correct.

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