His ‘NCIS’ Salary Is More Than You Think

Mark Harmon has been acting since the 1970s, working in every genre from period Westerns (Wyatt Earp) to family films (Freaky Friday). But the industry vet will always be best known for playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the CBS hit NCIS. And despite endless rumors that the actor is ready to leave the long-running series, he recently signed on to return for a nineteenth season. Perhaps the decision was based on his paycheck. Mark Harmon’s net worth is astonishing—and his NCIS salary has a lot to do with it. Brace yourself, and find out just how big his fortune is.

Mark Harmon Has Starred On ‘NCIS’ Since 2003

NCIS, a spin-off of the CBS legal drama JAG, debuted on September 23, 2003. Since its inception, actor Mark Harmon has starred as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs—a U.S. Marine Corps gunnery sergeant and sniper-turned-special agent.

The procedural crime drama was originally slow to gain ratings. However, things turned around in Season 6 when it ranked the fifth most-watched series on television with 17.7 million total viewers (compared to 11.84 in Season 1). By 2011, NCIS was named America’s Favorite TV Show by The Harris Poll. It edged out its own wildly popular network competitors, CSI and Two and a Half Men. It also spawned three spin-offs: NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans (which recently ended after seven seasons), and NCIS: Hawaii.

Harmon earned a 2017 People’s Choice Awards (and four nominations total) for his role as Gibbs. In addition to being the face of NCIS, he is also an executive producer for every series in the franchise, making him an instrumental piece of the overall NCIS brand.

‘NCIS’ Was Just Renewed For Season 19

Harmon has spent the early part of 2021 dodging rumors that he was ready to move on from NCIS. We’ve busted a number of them, including unfounded claims that he was ditching acting for life in Montana and that he was being cold to fellow cast members. However, there were definitely some discussions about his future with the series. Per a February article from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Sources say when Harmon heard CBS would end the flagship series if he left, the star and exec producer began conversations with the network and producers CBS Studios to return for a handful of episodes if the procedural was to return for a 19th season.”

In mid-April, after months of negotiations, it was announced that Harmon would indeed return for Season 19. However, neither network execs nor the actor commented on whether he would act in a full-time role. (Spoiler alert: When last season ended, his character Gibbs was suspended for beating a man suspected of running an illegal dog-fighting ring.)

Rumor has it Harmon may only appear in a limited number of episodes. Additionally, the network hasn’t revealed how many episodes have been ordered. NCIS fans will have to wait until more details are revealed.

‘NCIS’ Hasn’t Only Made Mark Harmon Extremely Wealthy

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Harmon’s commitment to NCIS has been very lucrative, but he’s not the only actor making bank on the series.

Former cast member Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo, reportedly earned $250,000 per episode. And Wilmer Valderrama (aka Fez from That ’70s Show) makes $100,000 per episode playing undercover agent Nicholas Torres.

There’s no word on the salaries of stars Sean Murray or Emily Wickersham, but their respective net worths of $8 and $6 million aren’t shabby—especially when you compare it to the true annual salary of an NCIS agent (approximately $144,000).

But what kind of compensation does Harmon get for working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes? The sum is jaw-dropping.

What Is Mark Harmon’s Net Worth In 2021?

As of 2021, Mark Harmon has an estimated net worth of $100 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he reportedly earns $525,000 per episode of NCIS. And in 2018, he was named the fifth highest-paid actor on TV by Time. His annual salary of $19 million came just behind four stars of The Big Bang Theory.

We wouldn’t even be surprised if the total was higher. After all, Harmon has an enormous body of work, and three shows in the franchise are already in syndication. The NCIS brand also monetizes via soundtracks, home media, and video and mobile games.

What’s particularly impressive is that Harmon doesn’t spend that fortune on extravagant things. Okay, it’s true that a 19-acre, $9 million Malibu estate hardly qualifies as humble digs. However, in a 2006 interview with Sunset, he shared simple passions: hanging in his 1972 Airstream trailer, carpentry, and rehabbing old homes.

“I got [the trailer] off a horse ranch in Arizona,” he said. “I originally figured I’d just replace the cabinet fronts. But it got more expensive… By film-set standards, the trailer is actually pretty small. But it’s completely practical.”

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