‘Hefty’ Kirstie Alley’s Friends Fear For Her Health As She ‘Packs On Pounds’?

Are medical experts fearing for Kirstie Alley‘s health as new pictures show the actress is “ballooning again”? One tabloid insists that’s the case. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Kirstie Alley Back To Her ‘Scale-Smashing Days’?

According to this week’s edition of the Globe, former Cheers actress Kirstie Alley “was looking hefty” on a recent grocery run. The report suggests Alley has nearly gained back all of the pounds she had lost before and now weighs close to her previous weight of 300 pounds. An inside source attests, “Kirstie’s thrown all caution to the wind and she’s eating whatever she wants, when she wants — and sadly it shows,” adding, “Her heaviest weight was 300 pounds during those Fat Actress days, and by the looks of it she’ll be back up there. Her friends are rooting for her to get back on the treadmill and shed some pounds before it jeopardizes her health.”

The tabloid then consults the opinion of a physician who has not treated Alley who claims she probably weighs close to 230 pounds. “Everything depends on where you store fat,” explains the doctor, “Fat underneath the skin and in the buttocks is not so dangerous. But fat in the belly means her liver is full of fat, and that can cause diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and premature death.” But the tabloid’s source insists Alley is done with dieting. “Kirstie has reached a stage of life where she’s done punishing herself with diets,” the source muses, “but she needs to take better care of herself!”

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‘Reclusive’ Kirstie Alley ‘Done With Diets’?

So, is it true Alley is pushing 300 pounds as she gives up on dieting? Well, Alley lives a very private life so we can’t speak to her current state of health. That being said, the tabloid can’t either. First of all, we seriously doubt this alleged “inside source” is anyone close to Alley since they have no problem spilling her alleged personal information to the tabloid. Secondly, the tabloid’s alleged medical professional (a frequent source in the tabloid’s other shameful reports) has never treated Alley and therefore has no authority to speculate about her health.

But most importantly, why does Alley’s appearance matter? The tabloid makes no assertions that she’s unhappy, and we just explained why its speculation about her health is meaningless. So, why should readers care if Alley gains weight? This is obviously an attempt of the tabloids to body-shame Alley and we’re not here for it.

Other Shameful Stories From The Tabloid

This isn’t the first time the Globe has cried “health scare” about an older celebrity. Last year, the rag reported just last year that Hillary Clinton was in a health crisis after gaining weight. Then, the outlet alleged that “tubby” Tom Selleck was “smashing the scales” at almost 300 pounds. The magazine also claimed that Kurt Russell would be dead within two years. And more recently, the outlet suggested Brendan Fraser’s recent weight gain could be “fatal.” Obviously, the outlet isn’t kind to celebrities who dare to gain weight or get older.

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