‘Hefty’ Heather Locklear’s Weight Gain Blamed On Sobriety, Tensions With Fiancé

A tabloid notorious for its obsession with celebrity weight gain recently published a hit piece targeting Heather Locklear’s appearance. Referring to the Melrose Place actress as a “mess” and “bloated,” the outlet tied her “fuller figure” to Locklear’s newfound sobriety and also hinted at trouble in paradise for the engaged star. Gossip Cop looked into the claims and can refute some while adding much-needed context to others.

‘Hefty’ Heather Locklear Spotted With A ‘Fuller Figure’

“The Skinny On Heather’s Weight Gain!” read the headline from an issue of the National Enquirer earlier this month. “Hefty” Heather Locklear had been spotted pumping gas in Los Angeles, the article stated, which was the first time the actress had been seen in public for “six months,” according to the tabloid’s calculations.

The “bloated blonde” was seen “sporting more mass around her middle.” An alleged insider told the tabloid, “She’s gained about 30 pounds. She was almost unrecognizable.” Locklear’s dedication to her sobriety was to blame for her “fuller figure,” the tabloid and its source insisted. “Sobriety has given Heather a new lease on life — but it’s also enhanced her appetite. These days she’s looking more like a happy soccer mom than a screen siren!”

The outlet also noted that “there was no engagement ring on her finger” despite the fact that Locklear has been engaged to her high school sweetheart Chris Heisser since April 2020. The source was seemingly of two minds about the lack of “engagement bling,” telling the outlet that the relationship between Heisser and Lockler hadn’t “hit the skids yet,” but added, “The fact that she’s not wearing her ring is always concerning.”

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So-Called ‘Doctors’ Weigh In

To round the insulting article out, the Enquirer consulted “doctors,” who admitted that they have not treated Heather Locklear. The so-called doctors apparently believed Locklear’s health to be at risk and estimated her weight to be over 160 pounds. These quacks also insisted that the extra weight could potentially put the actress at risk for “diabetes, heart attack and COVID-19!”

Once again, it should be noted that these doctors never treated Locklear and likely had never even met the actress before, so their medical advice is less than useless. This article was clearly just another attempt at body shaming from a tabloid that’s never shied away from judging celebrity bodies for being either too large or too skinny, particularly bodies that belong to female stars.

A few years back, the tabloid claimed that Jessica Simpson was in a “diet or die” weight crisis and insisted that the singer was “eating herself to death.” On the other end of the spectrum, the outlet published a piece last year claiming that Demi Moore was starving herself in an attempt to relaunch her career. Gossip Cop learned from our source in Moore’s circle that this claim was entirely false.

This outlet’s unhealthy obsession with female bodies aside, it’s laughable that it tried to claim there was something amiss with Locklear’s relationship with her fiancé just because she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. Gossip Cop recently debunked an article questioning the state of the relationship just last week and we’re happy to report that the Spin City actress is still “happily engaged” according to her spokesperson. Locklear’s most recent Instagram post also shows her cuddling up with her beau, which also proves the tabloid’s dead wrong in its assessment of her relationship status.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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